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In the evolving world of outdoor flooring, Quartz Carpet has emerged as a world leader, captivating the South African market with its seamless blend of resilience and aesthetics.  

Renowned as the world’s fastest-growing outdoor flooring system, Quartz Carpet is a hand-trowelled masterpiece that redefines outdoor spaces with its durability, versatility and captivating design possibilities. 


At the heart of Quartz Carpet’s success lies its unique composition – a seamless fusion of natural alluvial quartz granules and resin. This meticulously crafted flooring system delivers the visual allure of carpet coupled with the enduring strength of the hardest tile. 

Its hand-trowelled application ensures a flawless and continuous surface, creating a luxurious and comfortable outdoor environment. 

outdoor flooring


Quartz Carpet is more than just a flooring solution – it’s a testament to endurance meeting elegance. The natural quartz granules are coated in a proprietary ultraviolet (UV)-stable coating, guaranteeing that the vibrant colours remain unchanged by the passage of time and the rigors of changing weather conditions. This ensures that Quartz Carpet maintains its visual allure and integrity. 

Design freedom 

What sets Quartz Carpet apart, is its remarkable versatility. Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, it provides architects, designers and homeowners with an extensive palette to turn their creative visions into reality. Quartz Carpet seamlessly blends into any environment, elevating the aesthetic appeal. 

outdoor flooring


Quartz Carpet’s design offers practicality and efficiency. The flooring system can be installed over existing concrete, tile or virtually any surface, streamlining the renovation process. Moreover, Quartz Carpet accommodates logos, inlays and graphics with ease, allowing businesses and brands to make a striking visual impact in both indoor and outdoor settings. 


Issue: Creating lasting, stylish, durable outdoor spaces. 

Solution: Quartz Carpet offers durability, versatility and design possibilities. 


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