Quality roofing & awards to prove it

by Darren
Quality roofing and awards to prove it GLOBAL ROOFING SOLUTIONS1

Global Roofing Solutions is going from strength to strength with two of their projects winning awards at the SAISC Steel Awards 2016.

The Global Roofing Solutions team have accepted awards for two different projects at the prestigious Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) Steel Awards in 2016.

Stats SA head office
– Metal cladding category winner
Profile: Brownbuilt
Material: 0,58mm Chromadek
Colour: Dove Grey, Dark Dolphin, Charcoal
Area: 33 000m2
Installer: RJ Southey

The slim shadow lines and wide, broad pans of the profile create a contemporary yet retro feel. According to Global Roofing Solutions Specifications Manager, Lyle Jeffery, particular challenges involved the extensive bespoke flashing and the array of solar photovoltaic panels, with access walkways, that was designed for the building. Global Roofing Solutions designed a bespoke solar clamp to fit on the Brownbuilt profile, which allowed seamless integration between the roof sheeting and the solar panels.

Caption: MAIN PICTURE: Stats SA, © Peter Hassell.

Eastgate Phase 2
– Commercial architectural category and overall winner
Profile: Klip-Tite
Material: Aluminium
Installer: Chartwell Roofing

Specified by Batley Partners, the roof design was generally straightforward, although, as pointed out by Candice Laubscher, Marketing Manager at Global Roofing Solutions, it is unusual to have the aluminium Klip-Tite, which is usually specified for aggressive coastal conditions, chosen for an inland project. Aluminium is however often specified for green rating purposes.

Quality roofing and awards to prove it GLOBAL ROOFING SOLUTIONS2

Caption: Eastgate Redevelopment Phase 2 Aerial Shot
Courtesy of SAISC

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