Nestled in the Cape Winelands, three residential developments find inspiration from the beautiful mountains of Paarl.  

Offering a variety of options and price points, Bergenhof Village, Bergendal Country Villas, Bergvliet Manor and Bergenzicht Country Estate have appeal across many market segments while still delivering the same sensible solutions and benefits to buyers.  

REHAU was proud to have supplied profiles for the uPVC double-glazing windows and doors for all four security estates. 

Project description 

 Each of the developments has its own personality and appeals to a different market: 

  • Bergendal Country Villas is a “live large by small means” estate, focussed on an affordable but functional solution for first-time buyers and investors. 
  • Bergenzicht Country Estate and Bergvliet Manor offers a value for money solution for the investment market. 
  • Bergenhof Village offers the best of both, with Bergenhof Terraces offering similar value as Bergendal, as well as Bergenhof Estate, the more luxurious flagship development. 

 Material choices 

 The different needs of each development determined material choices for each, aiming to serve a wide market segment where function meets design, with a specification that would not force an overpriced property. Finding the fine balance between affordability of the mass market versus catering for luxury for only a small market segment was key. 

 Bergendal Country Villas and Bergenhof Terraces offer their purchasers a high-quality and considered, but cost-sensitive specification, which ensures that the property is functional but allows for an obtainable and affordable purchase price.   

 The full-title developments, Bergenhof Estate and to an extent Bergvliet Manor, are focussed on a luxury offering which would include a higher specification, catering for the home buyer in the market for a more luxurious property design. 

“We are exceptionally proud of our sensible solutions, such as double-glazing uPVC windows for all our developments, regardless of their market segment and pricing, where our clients can enjoy these benefits in both our entry and more luxury-based developments,” says Gizelle Lambrechts, director of Envisual Marketing, who is responsible for the marketing of these developments, as appointed by the developer of the four developments, Habikon Group.  

 Consistent quality 

 The main motivation for the uPVC double-glazing fenestration option included noise control for the higher density developments, as well as the benefits that the products offer in terms of energy efficiency and thermal insulation. Other considerations included temperature control for the contrasting weather conditions of the Cape Winelands, with the summers reaching 40°C and the winters being characterised with heavy rainfalls and cold weather. 

 Lambrechts adds: “The fenestration solution also offers a valuable contribution to the SANS requirements in terms of energy efficiency, which we as developers and our appointed architects are bound by.” 

 Supplier of choice 

 REHAU was selected to supply profiles for the uPVC double-glazing windows and doors, with Trinity uPVC and Aluminium as the supplier for production and installation. “REHAU offers a superior service in terms of product quality, client service and after-service. Their continued aim to improve on quality, research and product offering not only benefits our manufacturers and installer such as Trinity uPVC and Aluminium, but ultimately our end-user clients as well,” confirms Lambrechts. 

“REHAU supplied a window and door solution where function meets design. An obtainable luxury for high-density and affordable developments.” – Gizelle Lambrechts 


For more information, contact REHAU Window Solutions: 

Tel: +27 82 809 7203 



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