Quality flooring for prestigious car dealership

by Tania Wannenburg

Coloured cementitious screed floor sets a high standard for commissioning future flooring installations for car dealerships.

A distinguishable feature of the luxurious Mercedes-Benz AMG lounge in Affalterbach, Germany, is the striking, coloured cementitious screed floor. Weber Saint-Gobain South Africa was commissioned to replicate this floor in each of the local AMG Performance Centre showrooms in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, respectively.

The flooring requirement from Faan Nel of ARCA Architects & Designers was to have a level, charcoal-coloured, sheen-finish screed that was robust enough to withstand the typical traffic in a car showroom varying in size between 150 – 350m². The timeframe for completion was also important to meet the tight deadlines of this project.

Consequently, Weber Saint-Gobain used the weber.floor 4650 G80 Design Colour. The benefits of this product include self-levelling convenience, excellent spreading and smoothing characteristics, as well as rapid setting that allows foot traffic after just 3-5 hours and light vehicle traffic after 24 hours.

“Weber prides itself on quality flooring solutions,” says Theunis Marais, Product Manager at Weber Saint-Gobain. “But, no matter how good the product, it has to be applied by skilled applicators to achieve the desired high-quality result. We invest a great deal in skills development and training of applicators nationally. This not only provides extended platforms for our products to be used in various projects, but provides an avenue to “give back” to the industry in terms of sharing technological advancements and installation techniques learnt from our international Weber teams.”

For the AMG project, Weber partnered with CT Industries, a local flooring contractor that has been through the necessary Weber training and with whom they have worked successfully on various contracts. The end result – an excellent finish, achieved due to the professional workmanship carried out on this project.

For more information email Theunis.Marais@saint-gobain.com

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