Quality flooring ensures longevity

by Darren
Nouwens Carpets Jnl 5 15

With a range of product offerings, this company has recently introduced a new range of carpet tiles that are durable, but easy to replace.

With so many different elements to a home or office interior, setting up and maintaining a beautiful space can be costly. However, as floors are one of the lasting long-term installations, it makes perfect sense to invest a little more in the selected flooring and to choose a high-quality option that will not only look good but last for years to come.

With a passion for creating iconic, hardwearing carpet solutions, Nouwens Carpets offer a range of products that maintain their aesthetic value for longer. It’s a vast range, from classic wools such as Kirman or Madison Square through to wool blends like Rustique or the Berber Look. Synthetics include polyester, nylon and Easicarpet syles. According to Nouwens, wool carpet remains a safe and solid choice as it is renowned for its durability and ability to recover well from high levels of foot traffic. “Not only will it last for years, but wool grows old gracefully – like your favourite woollen jersey,” highlights Nouwens.

When it comes to choosing the right carpet for a family home or a particularly busy space, the company recommends choosing a carpet that does not show spills and soiling easily. The best way to do this is to select a forgiving colour with a patterned or textured effect. “Also consider a colour that will fit in with the different interior colour trends in future – this is why neutrals are still the most popular colour choice,” Nouwens Carpets states. “It goes without saying – if you want your carpets to remain a pleasure for years to come, you must care for them correctly from day one.”

A very popular option for office spaces with high foot traffic is Nouwens’ newly released commercial carpet tiles. They can be installed without clearing an entire office space at one time and, should a certain area of the carpet become damaged or stained, only those particular tiles would need to be replaced.

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