Quality flooring a must in healthcare

by Tania Wannenburg
iTe quality flooring a must in healthcare Jnl 5 16

A vision encapsulated by iTe Products is that quality flooring in the healthcare sector can never be sacrificed.

South Africa is faced with an interesting paradox when it comes to the healthcare sector. In order to make the best, most modern healthcare available to every citizen, costs need to be managed. Nature is doing its best to complicate matters by challenging technology to find answers to destructive killers such as super-bugs, at a substantial cost.

In the flooring arena, manufacturers are developing floorcoverings designed to give maximum durability at the lowest maintenance costs and with the most pleasing aesthetics, but at a cost. Given the sophistication of these floorcoverings it is imperative that the preparation and installation of these products are given serious attention.

Durability is enhanced when the substrate is flat and even which is why the usage of high performance self-levellers becomes critical. High traffic demands that the self-leveller withstands all the forces that it will be exposed to, so second best is not good enough.

Moisture in screeds has the potential to cause serious failure in floors, with consequent loss of revenue due to closure of wards, for example, to effect repairs. Excessive moisture can be dealt with effectively by using state of the art moisture and vapour barriers, and once again, second best is not good enough.

Bonding the flooring to the substrate is essential to ensure that the floor stays stuck for its lifetime. Outside factors such as traffic, bacteria resistance, compatibility with the flooring and plasticizer migration for the flooring’s lifetime are real issues. However, professional companies ensure that these are built into their products. Here quality cannot be sacrificed.

Compatibility between each component is essential to ensure that everything under the flooring will last for the flooring’s lifetime and do exactly what it is designed to do. This is why iTe Products has developed a fully integrated system that does what it says it does and is backed with all the necessary guarantees.

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