Quality fixing and anchoring

by Ofentse Sefolo
Quality fixing and anchoring

Rawlplug is one of the leading manufacturers of specialist anchoring and fixing systems in the world, available locally through Vermont Sales. With high manufacturing standards, comprehensive research and development (R&D), and professional engineering support, the company is constantly evolving to meet users’ demands and expectations.
“The company is just short of 100 years old and is still a world leader in fixing systems today,” says Ryan Hunt, sales director at Vermont Sales.

Apart from supplying the extensive Rawlplug product range, the Vermont Sales Rawlplug specification team provides technical support from the design stage of a project to its completion. Their technical advisory service includes information, technical data and samples, and it is possible to arrange for one of their engineers to call on offices, sites and retailers.

They can also visit sites to conduct pull-out tests. This is particularly useful where structures are potentially weak, for example solid or hollow low-strength block work, which can be as thin as 100mm, and brickwork, where there could be voids and poor mortar strength.

A series of tests is carried out in accordance with the engineering requirements and in compliance with BS 8539 and the Construction Fixings Association guidelines. A recommendation is then made based on actual results to enable an accurate specification, and for the correct product to be selected.

Vermont Sales
Tel: 011 314 7711
Website: www.vermontsales.co.za

The Rawlplug range includes:
•    Bonded anchors.
•    Direct fastening systems.
•    Installation fixings.
•    Facades.
•    Insulation fixings.
•    Roofing fittings.
•    Lightweight fixings.
•    Mechanical anchors.
•    Screws.
•    Sealants and adhesives.
•    Self-drilling screws.

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The Rawlplug packaging system.

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