Quality below the surface is paramount

by Tania Wannenburg
FloorworX self leveller Jnl 3 16

Preparation below the floor with the right products is crucial to ensure a successful flooring installation.

A good concrete sub-floor is the result of sensible planning, careful design and detailing, adequate specifications, good workmanship and proper inspection. The quality of the finished floor will only be as good as the sub-floor on which it has been laid. All resilient flooring materials require a smooth, hard, dry, clean and level surface, not only for aesthetic reasons but also in order to achieve a satisfactory adhesive bond and long-term durability.

The final appearance and durability of virtually any flooring installation depends largely on the condition of the surface upon which it is laid. A little time and effort spent on the proper preparation of the sub-floor will often be repaid in terms of an installation of which all contributing stakeholders can be proud.

FloorworX Self Leveller is a single pack, rapid hardening cement based screed for levelling floors where quick setting is essential. FloorworX Self Leveller can be hand applied by trowel (0-20mm) or can be pumped (4-20mm). For pumped applications, an 8mm average thickness would be a typical expectation on a reasonably level substrate. FloorworX Self Leveller is used for levelling and smoothing floors for all new construction or refurbishment projects where carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood, laminate or cork flooring need to be installed.

This product is quick-setting, self-levelling and up to 2 000m² can be pumped per day under suitable conditions. It can also be walked on after 6-8 hours at 25°C under normal conditions and coverings can usually be applied onto a 10mm thick screed after 24 hours. In addition, it is both pumpable and able to be hand laid, comes in a single pack which just requires the addition of water and is protein free and as such will not harbour bacteria.

FloorworX Self Leveller is always used in conjunction with FloorworX Acrylic Primer to prime concrete surfaces. Priming improves the adhesion of the FloorworX Self Leveller to concrete, prevents the formation of air bubbles and reduces water absorption into the sub-floor. Correct mixing and proportioning of the FloorworX Self Leveller is also essential for good results.

After application, it is important to ensure the FloorworX Self Leveller is not subject to draughts during the first 24 hours of curing as this may lead to cracking and crazing. Doorways should be taped-up with polythene if necessary to prevent air movement during application. Subsequently, the room needs sufficient ventilation to allow the screed to dry. Ensuring adequate protection from other trades and traffic after installation is also of utmost importance as any damage to the sub-floor will have to be rectified before it is suitable to receive the final floor finish.

FloorworX Self Leveller may be sanded at joints, if required, 24 hours after application. The type of finish, density and dryness of FloorworX Self Leveller, screed and ambient conditions will influence the open time before floorcoverings can be installed. Before installation of floorcoverings it is very important that the requirements for critical moisture contents of the particular floorcovering is studied and understood.

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