Qualifying entries for sustainable architecture award announced

by Darren
Afrisam Awards Jnl 5 14

Entries that qualify for SA’s top sustainable architectural projects Award taking place in October have been announced.

Fifteen of South Africa’s top sustainable architectural projects are in the running for the third bi-annual AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture which takes place in October.

This award recognises buildings that have an integrated approach to architecture, natural systems and technology, demonstrating how design and sustainability can and should be mutually reinforced. The nominated projects make a positive contribution to their communities and reduce environmental impacts through various strategies.

AfriSam-SAIA presents two award categories: one for built work that has been occupied for one year; and the other for works of social importance, including research. Commenting on the nominees, AfriSam CEO Stephan Olivier says: “Architects are an influential authority in shaping the future of design and consumer choices. These awarded projects show that green and sustainable designs, which make a difference to the environment as well as to those who work or live in the buildings, are also aesthetically appealing.”

According to Sindile Ngonyama, president of SAIA, “South African architects are keeping up with global trends to create sustainable buildings, neighbourhoods and communities. We are delighted that 2013/2014 entries come from around the country and recognise everything from large corporate headquarters to residential homes, as well as the cost-effective SEED Library, a collaboration by the Architects of Justice and the MAL Foundation, that can be replicated throughout the country.”

These awards reflect SAIA and AfriSam’s commitment to promoting architecture that meets the social, cultural, economic and environmental needs of the people it serves.

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