QSs get first dedicated training centre

by Darren
QSS get first dedicated training centre ASAQS

The first training centre, dedicated to train both studying and qualified QSs, has opened in Midrand.

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) has opened the first training centre in the country dedicated to meet the growing demand for tuition by both qualified quantity surveyors (QSs) and new entrants to the profession.

The EduTech Training Centre, based at the ASAQS head office in Thornhill Office Park in Midrand, would serve mainly Gauteng students, but as before, EduTech will also continue to provide training in selected venues across South Africa.

Larry Feinberg, executive director of ASAQS, spearheaded the drive for the establishment of the new facility to ensure that all the educational needs of the profession are being met – from enrolment at university, through the candidacy phase of their careers, to meeting the educational needs of professionally registered quantity surveyors. “The new EduTech Training Centre will, under one roof, cater for all these needs,” he says.

Karl Trusler, director of EduTech, highlights one of the priorities being to provide training to existing ASAQS members to earn mandatory continuing professional development (CPD) points laid down by the SA Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession (SACQSP). “A total of 125 CPD training hours are required over a period of five years to enable quantity surveyors to keep abreast of modern quantity surveyors’ (QS) practice and technology,” Trusler explains.

In light of growing concern about the varying standards of QS-relevant training, and no controlling body to monitor standards, EduTech will also introduce training-for-trainers courses, and supply tuition on mentoring for companies or QS professionals employing students as part of the Assessment of Professional Competence Programme.

Tel: 011 315 4140
Website: www.asaqs.co.za

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