Pushing the boundaries in 2012: 12 new products to launch

by Darren
pushing the boundaries in 2012

Gyproc, a Saint-Gobain company, is a leader in the manufacturing of lightweight building materials and manufactures energy-conserving RhinoBoard for all interior lining applications. Gyproc’s competitive edge is retained by accessing changing market needs, while pushing boundaries through constant research development.

Their position as market leader is strengthened by product testing, flexibility of design and 80 years of experience and industry knowledge. This offers the construction industry and end-users the peace of mind that all Gyproc’s products have been tried and tested.

Gyproc has made a commitment to its customers and stakeholders to exceed expectations through innovation, and has announced that they will be introducing 12 new products into the market during 2012.

These product introductions form part of Gyproc’s vision to become more focused on identifying and meeting the needs of customers. This focus is in line with a drive to do things differently in 2012, encouraging customers to expect more from Gyproc.

“Customers have become acutely aware of value,” explains Gyproc’s general marketing manager, Evan Lockhart-Barker. “We acknowledge that times have changed, economic strains are causing customers to consider economical alternatives and it is this shift that has resulted in Gyproc’s revised approach to not only value our position in the market, but to understand the need for new product lines.” 

He says that they want to give customers a choice of products within the same product category and are confident that offering a choice of good, better and best alternatives from the same manufacturer will go a long way in retaining customers. “This is to give customers a choice of purchasing a premium product or a more affordable product according to their needs and budget,” adds Lockhart-Barker. “An added benefit is that every product carries a warranty.” 

Performance warranty
Every Gyproc component not only comes with a performance warranty, but all Gyproc proprietary systems benefit from SpecSure®, a 10-year warranty unique to Saint-Gobain, effective from specification to installation, guaranteeing performance and recourse in the event of a product fault or defect, which offers customers peace of mind and reiterates the reputable image of the company and the superior quality of their product range.

SpecSure® is provided with every Gyproc proprietary system designed and installed in accordance with supplied specifications. SpecSure® protects the integrity of drywall and ceiling systems, offering access to technical support and assuring reliable performance warranted for 10 years.

All Gyproc systems are developed using only the highest quality components, which are specifically designed to work together giving customers the confidence that they will meet the most rigorous of building requirements.

The company has four local manufacturing facilities and fully complies to and holds both the ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental system certificates.  

Gyproc is entering a new era with a refined business model. Customers and stakeholders can look forward to an improved service offering across all business sectors, where service excellence, value and the needs of the customer are the priorities in 2012.

Gyproc Saint-Gobain
Tel: 086 027 2829
E-mail: za-enquiries@saint-gobain.com“>za-enquiries@saint-gobain.com
Website: www.gyproc.co.za

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