Published to perfection

by Darren

Exploring the unique attributes that women bring to the flooring industry from a publishing perspective.

At the helm of the flooring industry’s publishing voice is Liezel van der Merwe, Managing Director of Media in Africa. Her reputation within this sector is embedded firmly on a foundation of striving for ongoing excellence to ensure that FLOORS in Africa magazine continues to be the primary source of new, informative content that represents all industry players and products in flooring.

As Managing Editor for FLOORS in Africa magazine, her role is anything but routine, ranging from planning editorial strategies, connecting with FLOORS magazine readers and advertisers, building 360 degree platforms, be it print, online or social media, to managing a team of talented and passionate individuals.

According to Liezel, women have a greater insight into other female consumers, designers and architects makes them instrumental contributors to the success of the flooring industry. “We think the same and understand each other’s needs, which is incredibly useful when one considers the fact that female consumers represent the majority buying power in our country, making it an invaluable advantage to acquire in business,” she explains. “Understanding customer needs is essential for a successful business and this knowledge is paramount with regard to research, development and sales. Women are inherently good listeners and driven to satisfy the needs of customers, which is the foundation of success.”

Liezel attributes her own success to her enthusiastic and upbeat nature while being inspired by the future and new ideas. “I follow through on tasks and receive great satisfaction in being productively busy,” she adds. “I thrive on being part of FLOORS magazine and making a positive difference in the flooring industry.”

Turning to the unique attributes that women bring to the flooring industry, she identifies their feel for fashion and style in combination with their strong business skills and professionalism, not to mention their ability to successfully combine technical specifications with aesthetics. “A woman’s uniqueness and drive can make a significant impact on the industry,” Liezel concludes.

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