The Thermal Insulation Products and Systems Association SA (TIPSASA) has published a new guide to assist professionals with the revision of SANS 10400-XA: 2021 Edition 2 energy usage in buildings. This revision is considered more stringent than the first edition, dated 2011.

The TIPSASA SANS 10400-XA:2021 Thermal Insulation Guide is a comprehensive deemed-to-satisfy guide to inform professionals of the various thermal insulation products available, the thermal resistance requirements in accordance with SANS 10400-XA: 2021, as well as various application options. The TIPSASA guide also contains safety aspects to be considered when specifying and installing thermal insulation.

Changes in the new edition

The major change in this edition is the Climatic Zone Map of South Africa that was changed to the Energy Zone Map, with the inclusion of a high humidity zone. There are now also seven zones instead of six.

A suspended floor that is part of a building envelope now needs to be insulated and the system thermal resistance of roofs has been increased.

This edition also sees the introduction of cavity walls. Even though the cavity walls do not require insulation at this stage, it is senseless not to insulate as thermal insulation cannot be retrofitted once the cavity wall has been built.

TIPSASA is available for any queries you might have about the new regulations and application of them.

For more information, contact TIPSASA:
Tel: +27 861 000 334

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