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by Darren
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Worldwide distributors of adhesive products for stone and tile applications have built a reputation with their pioneering approach to manufacturing products that serve the industry’s needs.

For nearly 60 years, LATICRETE, a family-owned, worldwide manufacturing/marketing company of globally proven construction solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications, has provided the construction market with technology, products and experience to make innovative, permanent installations and repairs.

According to LATICRETE, their history is shaped by numerous industry firsts, with several pioneering achievements that include the creation of thin-set adhesives, thin load-bearing waterproofing membranes, the development of sound and anti-fracture one-stop adhesive mortars, and the introduction of their comprehensive LATICRETE MVIS system for the installation of adhered masonry veneer, to name a few.

LATICRETE International manufactures a complete line of solutions for tile and stone installations. They highlight that their thin set mortars and adhesives set a prominent standard for industry performance. From high-strength construction epoxy adhesives to thin- or thick-bed mortars, LATICRETE products are engineered to provide easy, trouble-free installation without jeopardizing its commitment to adhering to industry standards (EN, ANSI, ISO, etc).

“Different applications call for different features, and our products are designed to meet these specific needs. From adhesive and mortar feature sets with unique wetting characteristics, products reinforced with Kevlar for unmatched, non-sag performance and products with long open times, to products built with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain-causing mould and mildew, the experts at the company have thought of everything to ensure adhesive installations go faster, more easily, and with predictable results time after time,” states LATICRETE.

Furthermore, they are committed to creating solutions today that help preserve a better future tomorrow. “LATICRETE proudly provides tile and stone installation materials certified by GREENGUARD, a third-party certifier of low VOC products. They are also a member of various Green Build Councils including the Green Build Council of South Africa,” they conclude.

For additional detail on LATICRETE products and systems, visit www.laticrete.com.

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