Proven product tough enough for motor trade

by Darren
traviata jnl13.1

Having established its reputation in the commercial, retail, hospitality and medical flooring markets, Traviloc has now stepped up to the motor trade, with The Hyundai Group having specified this product for the sales, reception and office areas of its dealerships.  

 While being functionally hardwearing and easy to maintain, Traviloc has provided an aesthetically warm and inviting environment or these applications.

Traviloc solid vinyl flooring was the first slide, lock floating resilient flooring in South Africa. Requiring no glues or underlay, this product still offers some of the best features available in vinyl flooring today.

One of these features is its 5mm thickness. This gives it a superior bridging capability and allows it to be laid straight over existing tile floors without telegraphing the old grout lines.  

This has allowed customers like Hyundai to carry out revamps without the mess and disruption of first removing old surfaces, although it should be noted that where tiles are badly laid, or have a high relief design or wide grout lines they may need attention before laying Traviloc.

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