In the construction world, safety is paramount. When it comes to insulation, flame spread is a critical aspect to consider. Summit XPS takes fire safety seriously and is proud to share the outstanding results of the fire rating classification of its SummitBoard insulation solutions. 

Fire rating classification 

SummitBoard (80mm) was subjected to rigorous testing, adhering to the stringent guidelines of SANS 428 and SANS 10177 test protocols. These fire rating classifications provide valuable insights into how the insulation boards perform when exposed to fire: 

  • SANS 10177 – 5: B (Combustible): 

The board may contribute to the overall fire hazard, so implement appropriate fire safety measures accordingly. 

  • SANS 10177 – 10: B/B1*: 

The insulation board exhibits combustible properties but with limited fire spread capability.  

  • SANS 10177 – 11: B/B1/2/H & V (SP & USP): 

SummitBoard demonstrated superior fire control, under the most demanding conditions: horizontal and vertical applications and with the use of a sprinkler system, or without. 

SummitBoard delivers insulation solutions that strike the perfect balance between safety and performance, for peace of mind. 

Top tip: Understanding fire-rated insulation ensures top-notch thermal performance and enhanced safety measures. 

For more information, contact SummitBoard: 

Tel: +27 86 110 2425 


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