Why local architects and construction professionals continue to specify Cemcrete’s Proudly South African products.

Cemcrete is a proudly South African company that continues to move forward in the local flooring market in a number of ways. Not only has the company grown its range of fit-for-purpose products to over 80, it has also adapted to the ever changing styles of construction and consumer market trends and their related final finishes, as well as the higher demand for sophisticated products from the consumer.

Here are some of the reasons why professionals in the built environment continue to specify Cemcrete’s products:

Quality and durability
Architects, construction industry professionals and homeowners choose Cemcrete’s products, not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their quality. The longevity and durability of Cemcrete finishes enable the products to withstand the harsh African climate.

Industry experience
The company has continued to evolve its product range during the three decades it has been in the industry. Since 1973, Cemcrete finishes have taken a life of their own – mottling and growing into natural-looking works of art.

Local leaders
As a leading South African cement-based coatings manufacturer, the company is continuously researching new trends and bringing new solutions to the marketplace. Cemcrete also invites clients to explore the many ways Cemcrete products can be applied to create beautiful unique spaces in which we live, work and play.

Different, special and individual solutions
Cement-based coatings are a unique alternative to generic coatings and Cemcrete focuses on creating a differentiated and special range of coatings that really add value and striking styles to South African construction projects.

Latest trends
Cemcrete is at the forefront of international decorative cement finish trends and is always on the lookout for new solutions that can be brought to local trendy projects.

Excellent customer service
Based on years of experience in the field of surface application and cement technology, Cemcrete is able to offer a personal customer experience and a comprehensive technical service.

For more information, contact Cemcrete on 0860CEMCRETE or via www.cemcrete.co.za.