IMPERViTe® is a Silane/Siloxane system that prevents any water from entering the pores of building material such as Concrete, Plastered surfaces, or Natural Stone facades.

This therefore prevents any possible build-up of moss, algae, or mildew on the surface of the raw building product. IMPERViTe® is a hydrophobic impregnation that where the Silane/Siloxanes react with the silica matrix of the building product, resulting in a waterproof, yet vapour permeable system. Unlike other waterproof coatings, IMPERViTe® does not alter the appearance of the surfaces to which it is applied.

Dense material has small, dense pores. Natural stone, concrete and raw plastered surfaces tend to be very porous. There are a number of ways, as defined by the EN 1504-2, that these pores can be sealed off, namely through hydrophobic impregnation or through impregnation / film coatings.

We will discuss each method briefly:

Hydrophobic impregnation
Hydrophobic impregnation is done with a Silane/Siloxane system where the product penetrates into the pores, leaving the surface of the material unchanged. A reaction then occurs with the silicate matrix within the natural stone, plaster or concrete. The system remains vapour transmissible and no water will be allowed through. This reaction will be explained in detail later in the article.

Impregnation or film coatings
While the first system on this page describes a process where the product penetrates into the pores, the process of impregnation or film coatings refers to a sealing where the coating system blocks the pores on the surface. Instead of causing a reaction with the substrate, the coating adheres to the surface of the product and will block any vapour transmission of the material (some coating systems, however, will allow moisture to move through the material).

Film coatings and impregnations are visible to the eye and mostly leave a glossy layer over the material that can potentially peel off, depending on the strength of the substrate and the potential negative pressure of the water from within the building material outwards.

iTe Products has launched a new hydrophobic impregnation system under the IMPERViTe® range. This system is based on a Silane and Siloxane base and can be applied on natural stone, concrete and cementitious plasters to permanently seal it. A reaction occurs between the Silane/Siloxane system and the silica matrix to produce a silicon resin network within the building material.

A beading effect is created as a result of the very strong covalent bonding that occurs between the silica matrix of the material and the silicone resin network. This repels water, but allows water vapour to pass through the material. The sealant doesn’t allow water to penetrate the material and therefore results in the pores staying clean and free of water to prevent moss or algae build-up. It furthermore creates high resistance and stability against:
–    High alkalinity (Ca(OH)2).
–    Chlorides (barrier).
–    Temperature (up to 350ᵒC).
–    UV radiation.
–    Creates an excellent beading effect.

Whether you’re looking to seal concrete, plastered surfaces or natural stone, INSULiTe®’s new solution can work for you.
Preventing moss or algae build up has never been this easy thanks to IMPERViTe®’s new hydrophobic impregnation system.
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