Passive fire protection could save a building, and even more importantly, can mean the difference between life and death for the occupants.

Building services such as pipes, cables, ducts and electrical sockets can compromise the fire resistance of a room as they pass through walls, floors and ceilings, creating an easy route for fire.

A combination of active and passive fire protection measures is therefore vital to control potential fires to ensure the safety of the structure and ultimately, protect human life. When a fire breaks out, passive fire protection components separate the building into compartments, which help to limit the spread of fire.

FG Trading, in partnership with the United Kingdom based passive fire protection specialist, Nullifire, offers a comprehensive range of fire-stopping products for the sealing of construction movement joints, building gaps and service penetrations.

Tested and trusted
Nullifire has been delivering trusted, life-saving solutions for over 40 years, and stays mindful of the need for building owners and occupants to have confidence in the fire protection solution installed.

With one key focus – to protect people and buildings from fire – the Nullifire team of technical experts has years of experience to support the specification and installation of the fire-stopping products. Their testing methods are rigorous in facilities that are second to none. Everything is focused on providing smart fire protection at every stage of a project.

Nullifire products are fully tested and approved according to the latest European standards, providing some of the highest levels of product certification. This ensures that Nullifire products are not only fit for purpose today, but are geared to meet changing legislation in the future.

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Caption: Multiple penetrations through a wall sealed with a Nullifire FB747 Coated Batt and FS705 Intumescent Sealant.