Prominent and Inspiring Projects

by Darren
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Highlighting five unique projects that achieved aesthetic beauty and functionality, all making use of the same company.

Known as an industry leader and innovator and having completed countless successful projects over the last 67 years, Van Dyck is proud to showcase a selection of projects that underlines the enormous versatility of our products used by some of our loyal supporters with great success. These wonderful installations set extremely high industry standards and create new and lasting ideas for many other projects to follow.

1.    Different combination of Neon
Installed at Polmed by Jan Scholten of Executive Commercial Flooring

Polmed went for a colour coded office space using a different Neon colour in each of their offices. Neon is smart, trendy and portrays a vibrant and colourful tune creating an atmosphere of inspiration in the work space.

“To create space is one of the greatest gifts one can give,” enthuses Natalie Moore of Moore Architects. “To imagine how someone will think, feel and act within a space is what makes every day an adventure for me.

Our experience of space is so much more than just what we see; it is what we touch, what we hear and what we interact with within a space which creates that experience.

It is also how the space adapts to fit our needs. Every aspect plays its part and having materials and suppliers at hand that understand this and are willing to work with you to achieve this is of paramount importance to the success of any project.”

2.    Barcode Earth Andes broadloom
Installed at the Old Merensky Library at University of Pretoria by Ingrid Norval of Flooring Dimensions

“A long-lasting performance specification and appeal are essential when considering floor finishes. The wall-to-wall carpet used in the Research Commons has a natural chic look with a luxurious, expensive feel,” comments Merensky Research Commons.

“The colour of the carpet was matched and blended into the timeless natural external look of the building. By creating the feel of a vast open space with spatial planning and positioning of the furniture, the Research Commons has become a unique post-graduate study centre.

After about five years of intensive use, the carpet still looks fabulous and is functional for the space and its intended use.”

3.    Lineal Aniseed and Neon Lime
Installed in the Statistics Department at the University of Pretoria by Jan Scholten of Executive Flooring

“A combination of Van Dyck Lineal and Neon was installed in the upgraded Post-Graduate hub at the Statistics Dept., University of Pretoria,” explains Jan Scholten. “The Lineal carpet offered a rich neutral base upon which the rest of the design could unfold. The hint of lime in the Neon carpet range allowed a hip and funky element in the upgrade.

The contrast in pattern was used to frame different uses in the post-grad open space and to break the monotony of the hallway. The client refers to the hallway as the ‘runway’. The lime green strip in the Neon range also complements the client’s design concept: endorsing students to stand out from the rest.

On a functional level, the carpet is performing extremely well. Being installed more than a year ago, the carpet still appears to be brand-new.”

4.    Innovation Armani and Parallel Tangent
Installed at the NICS Building by Top Carpets Lynnwood

“BBA Architects have been specifying the Van Dyck range of carpets for the last 30 years,” highlights Eugene Barnard of Barnard & Burger Associated Architects. “We believe the products have innovative designs and patterns and are sustainable. We have received excellent service and will be specifying Van Dyck carpets in the future.

We have specified Innovation Armani for the senior management offices and boardroom and Parallel Tangent in the marketing offices. Our client remains satisfied with the quality of the carpet and its appearance.”

5.    Lineal Aniseed
Installed at Ruslin Interior Architects by Sinjon Phillips of PCI Carpets, Wynburg

“At Ruslin Interior Architects, design is extremely important and so is the client’s budget,” emphasises Belinda Gillies. “Using Lineal from Van Dyck is the ideal product to transform a space. In Cupric Africa’s new office space, an area was dedicated to the executive wing. Within a day’s fit-out the space was transformed into an executive space that any corporate executive would be envious of.”

These projects are further proof that Van Dyck is taking the floor with so much more.

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