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Promat has worldwide reputation for passive fire protection engineering

by Zuerita
Promat has worldwide reputation for passive fire protection engineering

The overall aim of passive fire protection and firestopping products is to contain a fire. How is this done? By delaying the growth of the fire, controlling the movement of smoke, and assisting in keeping escape areas smoke free.
Promat is recognised worldwide as a market leader in passive fire protection and high temperature insulation applications.  For more than 40 years, Promat’s comprehensive product portfolio has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

The product brand was added to the innovative, sustainable and complete range of building solutions under the Marley Building Systems umbrella at the start of the year. Marley Building Systems – the South African subsidiary of Belgian industrial group, Etex, is redefining building methodology as they gear-up towards the future of dry construction.

According to Promat Sales Engineer, Corné White, Promat is now the only local full spectrum passive fire protection stockist and supplier, including fire stopping, intumescent coatings for structural steel and timber, fire rated ceiling and partitions, and high performance thermal insulation.

“Promat is one of the most complete product ranges available today,” he said.

Durasteel is one of Promat’s high spec partition and ceiling board systems that can provide up to 240 minutes fire resistance. It has a fibre cement core with perforated galvanised sheeting on either side of the 9.5mm board. The structural, high security board is tested for cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire risks, and is used primarily for constructing rooms or compartments where fire and security are a risk. These areas would include strong rooms, archives, data centres, hospitals storing high value medicines, and banks where security is an issue.

Promat Durasteel walls have resistance to extreme impact, before, during and after exposure to fire. Under fire conditions they protect and maintain compartmentation and after a fire they ensure a building remains secure until remedial work can be undertaken. Promat Durasteel systems combine extremely high levels of fire, impact and water resistance. They are proven to withstand the most demanding environments, temperature extremes, hostile elements and can resist high thermal shock, such as high pressure water hoses.

The Promat Promaseal range of fire stopping products is also one of the most comprehensive in the industry. These systems have a proven track record of sealing penetrations found in buildings during construction – e.g. electrical cables, plumbing and heating pipes, ventilation ducts and movement joints.  Promat Promaseal products are tested to the highest standards and are designed to offer specific protection for individual penetrating elements.

For more information, contact:
Ayanda Ndlovu
Brand and Communications Manager
Telephone:      +27 11 3162121
Mobile:      +27 82 459 0044

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