Project Review: Zamokuhle Private Hospital

by Tania Wannenburg
Belgotex Lenmed Zamokuhle Private Hospital Jnl 5 16

We take a look at the Belgotex Floors installed at the newly built Zamokuhle Private Hospital.

Sarel Roux and Hendrik van der Walt from SCR Architects have been involved with the Zamokuhle Private Hospital from conception to completed building. It is a private hospital in Tembisa, Gauteng, and forms part of the Lenmed Health Group. This private hospital offers superb private healthcare to the community of Tembisa and surrounds and after being extensively upgraded and expanded, the hospital proudly opened its doors in May 2016.

As the new hospital was to be completely rebuilt form the ground up, the client required a corporate identity with products that could give them the freedom of design as well as offer minimum maintenance. As such the client needed a one stop solution for flooring, wall and door protection, which is why Gerflor’s new revolutionary EverCare was selected to address these and several other needs that are unique to a healthcare environment.

Sarel has specialised in healthcare facilities for 20 years, and on this project alone, he invested four years. “Building commenced in mid-June 2015 and the flooring was installed earlier this year,” highlights Sarel. “We have a longstanding relationship with Belgotex Floors as we often specify flooring from their carpet ranges, however, for this project we specified a new vinyl floor from Gerflor, namely the Evercare Luna range, which is distributed by Belgotex Floors.”

This unique range was recently launched in South Africa by Belgotex Floors in Cape Town. The Evercare Luna Range was well received by everyone who attended, and it is easy to understand why when delving deeper into the assembly of this product. Evercare Luna is a flexible multi-purpose homogeneous vinyl with a non-directional polychrome design in a matt finish. Colour dyed as a raw mixture to ensure even colour throughout the thickness, Luna offers design flexibility coupled with supreme chemical resistance and ease of maintenance.

Its’ patented surface treatment – Evercare – acts as a barrier against stains and chemical compounds typically found in medical or administrative environments. This micro-structured and UV laser cross-linked polymer, together with the fungicidal and antibacterial properties of Sanosol, creates an impermeable, hygienic surface that obviates the need for waxing or polishing during the floor’s lifetime.

“We selected the Evercare Luna Range as it was an extremely cost-efficient option, and budget restraints play a key role,” continues Sarel. “We were also looking for a floor with a non-directional design, and the fact that it is resistant to stains and requires minimal maintenance made this selection an easy and natural choice for the installation at hand.”

Aasiah Moola, Managing Director at SDD Solutions, who served as Consultant and Interior Designer for the Zamokuhle Private Hospital project, adds that this specific floor was also selected because it doesn’t require a strip and seal. “Due to its stain resistance properties it will last for several years, and upon purchasing this product, all the necessary guarantees were also in place. It was also interesting to note how soft the vinyl feels underfoot. It eliminates a lot of the strain experienced when standing and walking on other harder floor surfaces,” she explains.

As the project developed so too did her role evolve to more than that of an interior designer. Her role developed to encompass the commissioning of the hospital. It is ultimately this involvement that ensured the hospital received its certification of compliance in April this year.

7 188m² of Ambience Ultra from Evercare Luna in Sand and Latte (for the borders) were installed in the patient care areas. “It’s always best to select a darker colour for the borders as they make scuff marks and machine bumps less visible,” says Aasiah. “We selected a lighter colour as it opens up the look and feel of a space and makes it appear larger and more spacious.”

Berber Point 920 was installed in the lecture rooms and boardrooms. “It is a favourite for practical reasons, as it is cost-efficient, durable, easy to maintain and once installed, it always looks professional,” says Aasiah.

“A challenge to date has been the matte appearance of the Evercare Luna,” she continues. “This is because those who inhabit healthcare facilities are so accustomed to the polished appearance. However, all are in agreement that the matte appearance looks very sophisticated.”

Aasiah adds that it will be interesting to monitor how Evercare Luna will perform in theatre, where iodine is often used and even spilled. “The real test lies in the performance of these floors and how they not only respond to various types of exposures, but also how much they can withstand and in what quantities,” she continues.

Both Sarel and Aasiah are in agreement that these floors have created an aesthetically beautiful space, with functional attributes that match its looks.

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