Project Review: The Griffin – Craft Beer Gastropub

by Tania Wannenburg
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A project review that explains a new concept, a gastropub, and the type of flooring selected that suits the needs of the client.

Two successful businessmen who are driven by innovative and creative entrepreneurial projects, Thomas Hughes and Martin Jakoby, take great pride in their latest venture, namely The Griffin – Craft Beer Gastropub situated in Illovo, Johannesburg.

This successful project relied on immaculate interior features that could withstand various extreme conditions, which is why Thomas and Martin turned to Adrian Lombard, Founder / Managing Director of Essential Earth. This was an easy decision for them to make, considering Adrian’s extensive experience in design, working on numerous projects for commercial, residential and hospitality spaces in South Africa.

The gastropub trend is relatively new and unique in South Africa, and is a British-born hybrid, offering a casual meet-and-greet, though refined atmosphere suited to anyone seeking a place to enjoy fine dining in an atmosphere designed to feel like that of a local pub. “Simply put, a gastropub is sophisticated with the atmosphere of a pub,” explains Thomas, Co-Founder/Owner of The Griffin. “This concept is a first for South Africa, even though it has been rife in Britain since the 90s.”

To ensure the sophistication of the gastropub, the selected floor would inevitably play a crucial role, not only in creating and ensuring this refined look, but also to withstand heavy footfall and exposure to spills. This is where Adrian played a big role in specifying a product that would suit all Thomas and Martin’s needs.

Belgotex Commercial Vinyl

“In keeping with the needs of the client, while taking into consideration the context in which these floors need to perform, I specified heavy commercial Nottingham – Tamarind colour – laid in herringbone style,” says Adrian. “180m² of this beautiful floor was specified.”

Nottingham features the revolutionary new TACBAC installation system, as well as the state-of-the-art designs and shades that will transform any space that requires a wood-look finish. The colour range is sophisticated but has the natural charm one would expect from authentic wooden floors. Nottingham has a 0,55mm wear layer and its planks size measuring 184,15mm x 1219,2mm.

TACBAC is a new backing system which Belgotex Floors takes great pride in. This loose-lay backing system means there is no need to glue the product to the screed or to click the product together. The secret behind this product is the resin-impregnated textile which allows the product to make solid contact with the floor without it being permanent.

“Adrian introduced us to the amazing products available in the market, and from the get go we knew that we wanted Nottingham with the herringbone texture, and furthermore, its costs and variety of colours finally persuaded us to select this floor,” enthuses Thomas. “And let’s not forget the excellent maintenance properties of this floor type. Taking into consideration the huge numbers of people that attend The Griffin on a Friday evening, its goes without saying that we required an extremely durable product that was easy to clean and maintain.”

Why Belgotex Floors?
Adrian notes that he specified this product because it is locally supplied and, more importantly, it was in stock. “When working on any project, one shouldn’t have to worry about whether the availability of stock may become a challenge. If there is a shortage, it will result in time constraints and, inevitably, cost implications. Here Belgotex is at the top of their game, not to mention the quality of their products and their after-service.”

This after-service was evident on this project after slight lifting occurred upon completion of the vinyl product. “As soon as this minor challenge was communicated to Belgotex Floors, they acted immediately and had it fixed efficiently and to perfection,” says Adrian.

Thomas adds that they will undoubtedly choose Belgotex vinyl again as their colour options, real-looking imitations, design options and textured visuals are all of an extremely high standard. “The final look is simply captivating. We will be using this exact product again on future projects,” he emphasises.

Favourite Products

“One of my absolute favourite vinyl options from Belgotex Floors is Arlington,” states Adrian. “This is as a result of their glueless click system. I also specify their Nottingham range frequently because of the cushioning effect, which plays a significant role in insulation and in turn sound absorption.”

Arlington offers a significant range of colours and textures suited for a diverse clientele. Arlington has been manufactured for heavy commercial areas and has a 0,5mm wear layer thickness. It is packed with eight planks in a box, each with a size of 1244,6mm x 178,1mm. Another exciting benefit of Arlington is its ability to resist chemicals and stains, which is paramount in environments exposed to heavy wear and tear.

Seeing the end result of a project instilled with passion and dedicated to the installation of a flooring product that aligns itself with the creative and innovative commitment of its clients, are the exact ingredients needed for a successful flooring installation such as The Griffin – Craft Beer Gastropub.

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