Project Review: The Blue Marlin Hotel

by Tania Wannenburg
Belgotex Blue Marlin Jnl 1 16

Exploring the flooring installations that took place at The Blue Marlin hotel.

Established in March 2011, Symmetry Interior Architectural Design (Symmetry IAD) specialises in hospitality and corporate interior architectural design, project management and procurement.

Claire Gardner is a Co-Founder and a Director at Symmetry IAD along with Nick Dickson, also a Director at the Dream Hotels & Resorts. Working hand in hand with Claire is Crystal Williams, who comes from a corporate background and is responsible for the company’s procurement activities.

Symmetry’s involvement with the Dream Hotels & Resorts started in 2011. Their value proposition is to control and regulate the design standards at all the resorts that form part of Dream Hotels & Resorts.

This approach has been serving Symmetry well for the past four-and-a-half years, and The Blue Marlin Hotel is one of these successes. Built in the 1950s, The Blue Marlin Hotel is still undergoing renovations that started in 2013.

Symmetry IAD was contracted to service the interior needs of the renovation project. “Phase 1 was completed in 2013 which included all the public areas (dining rooms, lounges, reception area and pools),” says Claire. “Phase 2 was completed by December 2014 which included the renovation of 72 rooms – a significant feat. But if you include the family rooms, then it adds up to 84 rooms in total. The Blue Marlin Hotel has 16 more rooms on its list – eight to be completed this year and eight in 2016.”

“For this project we needed a product that would save time with regard to installation and be cost-efficient,” says Claire. “We also required a product that was easy to clean with a colour and pattern choice that maintains an excellent look.”

At the Blue Marlin Hotel, Claire specified Avant Garde in Picasso and Monet. 90% of the rooms have been installed with Avant Garde in Picasso, with the remaining rooms in Monet. The reason for this is the fact that, two weeks before opening, there was a shortage of carpet as not enough had been ordered. “This is once again where Belgotex Floors performs,” highlights Claire. “I phoned Charleen Robbertze, a representative from Belgotex Floors, who had samples delivered to the hotel for me to see and identify which colour option was closest to Picasso. The end result is beautiful, and the installation of Monet in 10% of the rooms simply looks like a design decision, and not like an unintended flaw. In fact, you actually can’t tell the difference.”

Using the latest carpet manufacturing technology, Avante Garde, a level cut loop (LCL) product, adds a new dimension to hospitality carpeting. The striking checkerboard pattern and array of contemporary colours provide the perfect match in creating modern elegance. It is composed of 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution-Dyed Nylon) which ensures it is stain-proof, fade-resistant and bleach-resistant, making it the perfect solution for the bedrooms which are exposed to these harsh elements.

Baltimore Estate was installed in the corridors. Baltimore is a densely constructed, wall-to-wall carpet, which features a unique yarn system that reduces surface ‘shading’. It is a tufted cut-pile carpet, classified as heavy commercial – ideal for corridors and passageways.

“We haven’t used anything but Belgotex Floors since opening Symmetry IAD simply because of the relationships that have been formed and the superior quality of service received,” says Claire.

With the combination of superior flooring products and a design team that is driven to go beyond what is merely expected, it becomes clear why there has been a significant increase in business and a change in the client demographic at The Blue Marlin Hotel since the completion of its renovation.

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