Project Review: Portswood Hotel

by Tania Wannenburg
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Discover how beautifully selected carpets can change the bedrooms and passageways of a busy and classy hotel.

Chic and charming is exactly what Vanessa Preston, Director of Varoom Interiors, and Designer Kirsty Hodgkinson, were after when specifying the luxurious flooring for the renowned and luxurious Portswood Hotel’s bedrooms and passageways.

This unique project allowed Varoom to reach even greater heights and enabled them to explore an even greater array of flooring products that are not only in trend, but also have a dual-functioning lifespan, both in terms of visual aesthetics and lasting duration. This year the company celebrates ten years of growing success and, and as Vanessa states, the company is “like a family.”

“Our clients always come first and we will go the extra mile as their needs come first,” she continues.” As designers, we have the knowledge and expertise to carry out a client’s brief. The customer service point of view is where we generate our strength from.”

Belgotex Floors
1 500m² of the Belgotex Floors Impressions range was specified for the bedrooms, with its beautiful Silvermist colour option selected. This range is a classic design that has been brought back to life, with added texture, through revolutionary new level-cut-loop technology. Impressions has a natural colour palette, providing the perfect foundation for any décor. Made of 100% Stainproof SDX (Solution-Dyed Nylon), Impressions is colourfast and bleach-resistant, ensuring colour that lasts.

It can be installed for heavy residential use and is available in a width of 4,00m. Its pattern repeat has a length of roughly 30mm and a width of roughly 20mm. In terms of its VOC testing, it has a Pass on GBCSA/GLP Criteria.

To meet the heavy wearing demand of the passageways, Varoom opted for Belgotex Floors’ Custom X Range. This tailor-made Custom X service offers bespoke solutions on commissions developed specifically to brief. Every new commercial flooring project has its own functional requirements and design inspirations. One is able to move beyond the standard ranges and experiment with colour, texture and pattern, to match the flooring with the identity one wishes to create.

“We decided on a nautical theme for the custom specification as it is more durable and provides a lot more strength,” says Kirsty. “We specified 360m² for the passageways.” The installer selected for this project was PCI, whom both Vanessa and Kirsty describe as being brilliant at his job and an absolute professional.

Why Belgotex Floors?
“First and foremost, we have an excellent relationship with Charlene from Belgotex,” says Vanessa. “For instance, when we requested a product and there was no stock available, she managed to curb something off the loom just so that we could make our deadline. If we need anything, we know Charlene is ready to help; in fact, we have even had products delivered to our home.”

According to Kirsty, Belgotex has a legacy and they are extremely fond of their custom range that can be designed. “Belgotex Floors is able to come up with the best designs ever, and can even provide a completely customised specification, as can be seen with the Portswood Hotel.”

Both Vanessa and Kirsty are in agreement that Belgotex Floors has quality products, services and staff, an enormous range of product offerings which is cost-efficient with the look and feel to match any wary expert. “Whatever you specify, Belgotex Floors are there to do what they do best,” both ladies state.

Favourite Products
We absolutely adore Belgotex Floors vinyl timber-look-alike offerings, and we specify it on almost every second project as it can be clipped on and glued on,” enthuses Vanessa. “Nothing beats this product’s quality and the imitations it manages to create – the look of wood and nowadays, with technology, even the feel of wood – at a much lower cost.”

Belgotex Floors has come a long way in terms of its vinyl flooring. With Belgotex Floors vinyl those old associations with vinyl from many years ago are a thing of the past. With the look and feel of wood, Belgotex Floors vinyl is the ultimate wood-look flooring solution.

They offer a range of Vinyl products:
•    Wonderful Faux Wood – The new cushioned vinyl’s from Belgotex Floors lets one enjoy the warmth and appearance of wood without harming the planet.
•    Homogeneous Vinyls – Belgotex is proud to introduce two new hi-tech homogeneous vinyl ranges – Neptune and Astral – with patented surface technology Evercare and Sanosol, ideal for the healthcare sector.
•    Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Belgotex Floors’ luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are in the shape of planks laid side by side to simulate real wood without the noise, durability or cleaning concerns.

The aforementioned is a very brief description of Belgotex Floors’ vinyl offerings. To find the look, feel and style that is ideal for a certain desired look, designers have to explore in greater depth. However, as noted and appreciated by Vanessa and Kirsty, timber-imitation vinyl flooring is fast growing in popularity and is an exciting and extremely popular product to specify on an array of projects.

The visual appeal created by Varoom’s expressive input in the Portswood Hotel truly has made an excellent impression and, as continued renovations are underway, we look forward to seeing what the end result will be in its entirety.

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