Project Review: Department of Public Works South Africa

by Tania Wannenburg

Reviewing the flooring installed at The Department of Public Works.

Established in 1974, MEG Architects has grown from strength to strength over the years by covering a broad range of projects from different categories. This continuous growth led them to form an association with Fresh Design International in 2014, a global design network of interior designers whom they collaborate with on projects.

One such prestigious project included The Department of Public Works. The original project scope was to renovate the interior office space of the existing heritage building used by the Central Government of South Africa. After initial investigations and reports issued to the client, the scope was expanded to include the total overhaul of the seventh floor to accommodate the Department Minister; restoration of the external and internal facades; restoration of the interior of the office building; and the transforming of the basement into a parking garage. The restricted pedestrian flow of the CGO building complex which includes the loose standing annex building was also resolved by adding on of new horizontal circulating bridges between buildings and new lifts and staircases.

“This project took four years to complete and entailed the installation of over 20 000m² of flooring,” highlights Cathy Louw, Interior Designer at MEG Architects. “The building itself is half the size of a city block, and boasts over 1 000 offices, making it an incredibly large project as well as one we are immensely proud of.”

ZigZag from Belgotex Floors was specified for the offices, Times Square primarily for the boardrooms, as well as Berber Point. “As this project was completed a few years ago, we are truly astonished as to how well these carpets have performed during this timeframe, and how impeccable they still look today, especially considering the amount of wear and tear they are exposed to daily,” adds Cathy.

ZigZag from Belgotex Commercial’s Nexus stable is comprised of 100% Stainproof miracle fibre (Polypropylene) which adds superior stain resistance and high resilience to its many benefits. It is constructed from non-woven graphics velour and is available with both ResinBac and NexBac Eco backing.

Unlike the ultra-hardy, well established Berber Point range, which is durable and hardwearing, available in 27 colours and in broadloom or ResinBac or NexBac Eco carpet tiles, Times Square ranges of carpet tiles are plush, deep pile, luxury carpets that allow complete design flexibility. Its subtle designs effectively mask soiling and are suitable for bold, modern interiors. It is specified for heavy commercial use and boasts a pile depth of 7mm.

“As we often face budgetary constraints, we usually specify Berber Point as it is also durable and performs exceptionally well,” explains Cathy. “However, Belgotex Floors has recently introduced several products that are similar to Berber Point, yet are available in different patterns and textures. These exciting ranges include Urban, Metro, Induna, Advantage and Diagonals, which are all in the same price range as Berber Point. This enables us to offer our clients significantly more than before. I personally prefer Urban, but they are all excellent options.”

Urban is perfect for modern work environments or institutions looking to make a bold statement, as thick and thin stripes with varied spacing add texture and tone to this structured needlepunch carpet. The hardwearing surface guarantees good looks and durability, while the eco-friendly stain proof fibre ensures cleaning and maintenance stays tax-free.

Another favourite product which Cathy is eager to specify is Belgotex’s Hartford Vinyl. “This competitively priced wood-look vinyl sheeting creates the warmth of wood, however it is quick and easy to maintain,” she says.

Hartford is purpose-adapted to applications required to provide indentation resistance and good sound insulation. Made from polyvinyl chloride, with a foam backing on a glass fibre mat support, this range is sustainable, durable, functional and versatile. Hartford is well suited to any heavy commercial environment, such as healthcare, retail and hospitality. The waterproof qualities of this range ensure that cleaning up is a breeze, and the antibacterial top coat provides protection against the germs.

“We have always turned to Belgotex Floors as they are a local company, and they are focused on the environment and try to be green wherever they can,” states Cathy. “The sales representative we work with is prompt and goes beyond the call of duty. In fact, if we were to give him a call now he would most likely be at our offices by this afternoon. Such service excellence and professionalism is what is needed on every single project, and this is where Belgotex delivers.”

Cathy concludes by highlighting that they, as an architectural firm, appreciate the service offered by Belgotex, their superior quality products, and the ongoing support they receive, which is always just a phone call away.

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