Equity Pharmaceuticals, now CliniGen, is a relatively young pharmaceutical company situated in Route 21 Business Park. Commercial architect, Werner Alberts, designed the 2 000m² warehouse and 1 000m² office space. The company specializes in amongst other things, providing antiretroviral drugs as well as drugs to help former heroin addicts.

Werner, from Liquid Spaces, was contracted to design the original warehouse & offices. This was completed in 2012. Approximately 950m² in two different shades of Berber Point 920 carpets were used to create a pixelated look within the open plan and general offices.

Four years later, a UK based company called CliniGen bought Equity Pharmaceuticals. Werner was once again called in to increase the entertainment areas and to refurbish the company’s executive offices and boardrooms, where 280m² of Belgotex Floors’ Earth Rock carpets were installed.

His favourite Belgotex product, he says, is definitely Belgotex’s Duraturf artificial grass.

“Duraturf is environmentally friendly and no maintenance is needed. We have successfully used it on a number of other projects where real grass wouldn’t be practical – particularly in smaller areas or within the building structure, where waterproofing could be a problem. When combined with carefully chosen plants and trees, Duraturf can transform any outside space,” says Werner.

Duraturf grass is an artificial lawn that lets you enjoy the look and feel of perfectly manicured grass all year round without the hassles. The artificial grass is easy to shape, install and maintain. It is exceptionally durable and safe for both children and pets.

Werner started his career as a residential architect and has been involved with Boogertman + Partners for 8 years. Some of his notable projects include both Radisson Hotels in Sandton as well as a number of high spec houses. He says that Belgotex’s products are often specified for both his commercial and residential projects.

“I work with a number of developers and most developers are searching for a great looking product at an affordable price, and this is exactly what Belgotex offers. I was exposed to the Belgotex brand early in my career and thanks to ongoing product innovation, durability and variety, it’s easy to keep using them,” says Werner.

Besides carpets, Werner notes that he is specifying more and more the Luxury Vinyl Planks from Belgotex. He says that this product is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the residential sector.

Belgotex Vinyl’s luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are vinyl planks laid side by side to simulate real wood without the noise, durability or cleaning concerns. A great wooden flooring substitute, these tiles are perfect for dining areas, lounges and even slick, sophisticated bedrooms. Their smooth, sleek surface is totally waterproof and easy to clean, giving you all the luxury without the labour.

“Not every homeowner wants a bathroom with ceramic tiles. This, combined with the fact that heated floors can be very expensive to install, makes Luxury Vinyl Planks a great alternative. Luxury Vinyl Planks gives clients the option of a totally different look that is also comfortable underfoot. When looking for new products that are durable and affordable, Belgotex always has something to offer,” concludes Werner.

For more information, contact Belgotex Floors on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via www.belgotexfloors.co.za.