Project Review – Avroy Shlain Building

by Tania Wannenburg
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D12 Interiors, which is part of the AMA Group, was founded in 1999 and specialises in distinctive design in the commercial, residential and leisure fields. The company is dedicated to giving clients creative solutions and poetic design in order to brighten their interiors.

When it comes to interior design projects, D12 Interiors’ approach is to fully understand what each client needs so that they can get the most benefit out of each space. They use cutting-edge design frameworks, ideas, technologies and products to transform spaces into offices where employees can flourish.

D12 Interiors is the type of company that invests in ongoing higher education for their employees. In order to offer their customers the best solutions available on the market, they attend design conferences and international as well as local design fairs, exhibitions and workshops.

“We are passionate about our brand and strive for the highest levels of professionalism amongst our collaborative team. We holistically embrace interior design, procurement, project administration and corporate branding,” comments Sarene Lyon Nel, Director at D12 Interiors, who was recently tasked with designing the interior of Avroy Shlain’s corporate head office in Gauteng.

The building, which was newly built for the company, is situated next to the busy N1 highway between the Allandale and New Road offramps in Midrand. Avroy Shlain, being a bright and vibrant cosmetic and beauty brand, wanted interior finishes that matched their corporate identity and brand.

“Avroy Shlain was really open to new, creative ideas for their offices. They wanted bold and bright colours and furnishings, but they also wanted long-wearing, durable products that would last a long time,” explains Lyon Nel.

“The corporate offices receive a lot of foot traffic, not only from their administrative employees but also from people who work in the warehouse next to the corporate office. Ultimately, the client needed bright, durable solutions that would be put together in a way that created a vibey, comfortable environment where people would enjoy working,” says Lyon Nel.

Belgotex Commercial Carpeting The project took approximately nine months to complete. Over 2 100m2 of Belgotex’s Advantage carpet tiles were specified for the offices. The carpet tiles, which were launched in 2012, are still relatively new in the market. The durability and hardwearing performance of Advantage has been proven worldwide, making it an obvious choice for a client that needs hardwearing flooring solutions.

Advantage carpet tiles are manufactured using one of the most innovative needlepunch designs available on the market. They are also manufactured using stainproof fibre solutions and they are tessellated at installation.

The construction of the carpet is based on a structured, needlepunch manufacturing method. The backing incorporates a stainproof miracle fibre (polypropylene) and the fibre of the carpet consists of a stainproof eco fibre blend. The total thickness of the carpet is 7mm and the width of the carpet tiles are 50cm x 50cm. it is classified as ‘heavy commercial’, making it ideal for corporate buildings and areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

“What D12 Interiors really likes about this range is that it offers great durability along with various great designs,” comments Lyon Nel.

Avroy Shlain and the team at D12 interiors specified a carpet tile design that looks almost like a computer chip, with a bunch of linear patterns that interlock and pan out in different directions. “We liked the modern look and feel of this design and we also liked the colours that were available to us,” says Lyon Nel.

The carpet tiles were specified in Classic Grey (which is a light grey) and Thunderbolt (a darker charcoal colour). Thunderbolt was used in areas next to brightly painted walls in order to offset the vibrancy of the wall paint, and Classic Grey was used towards the centre of rooms and passageways.

Why Belgotex Commercial One of the reasons why D12 Interiors enjoys working with Belgotex and supplying their products is the fact that they go the extra mile to ensure a great service. “The sales representative that we use, Jan Hofmeyr from Belgotex, is amazing. He’s always prepared to bend over backwards to meet tight deadlines and to make sure our clients are happy. Besides their world-class service, we also feel that their products are very good. We specify thousands of square metres of their carpets each year. At the end of the day, they offer top-quality service, great colour options and our clients have been very happy with the Belgotex solutions that we specify,” says Lyon Nel.

Favourite products Lyon Nel says that her favourite Belgotex product is the Gradual carpet range. Although they haven’t had the opportunity to install it at one of their projects yet, she’s impressed by the versatility of this new carpet tile.

“The Gradual carpet tile range has rectangular and squares tiles available that can be installed in various ways to create interesting patterns or colour effects,” says Lyon Nel.

The versatility, commitment to customer service and quality products that Belgotex is able to offer set them apart from many carpet manufacturers in the industry.

For further information:  033 897 7500 / belgotex@carpet.co.za“>belgotex@carpet.co.za / www.belgotex.co.za

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