Project presents endless possibilities with flawless details

by Darren
project presents endless possibilities

Hunter Douglas SA completed an exquisite solid-linear wood-ceiling project at the University of the Free State. This project not only lends a touch of nature to the university’s buildings, but also gives truth to the belief that an inspirational environment stimulates creativity in people.


The project, which was completed in April 2011, consists of a 600m² solid-linear wood-ceiling system for the university’s auditorium. The system is popular worldwide and inspires leading architects from all over to create prestigious projects. Beautiful examples of these ceilings include the Croma Restaurant in Prestwick, Manchester, in the United Kingdom, the Getafe Swimming Pool Complex in Madrid, Spain, as well as the Zaragoza Church in Saragossa, Spain.

According to Luigi Zito, Hunter Douglas SA’s general manager for their architectural division, the linear wood-ceiling system allows the architect to create remarkable designs for both interior and exterior applications. “It is important to know that this is the only researched and developed system available in South Africa.”

Limitless designs
Hunter Douglas’ linear wood-ceiling system consists of three basic designs: linear-open, linear-closed and grid, allowing for virtually limitless design options. The versatility of design allows for concave and convex undulating sections that are achieved through the specially engineered suspension system.

The systems are available in open- or closed-panel options with variable panel widths and modules. Ceiling systems can be fixed in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions. The design ensures that the panels remain level and straight in all applications, including large, flat areas, externally and in swimming pool environments. A special lacquer protects the wood surface against extreme humidity, but the wooden panels can be completely varnished to protect it from humidity and moisture. Standard panels can withstand a relative humidity of up to 70%.

Clients have a choice of an extensive range of wood species ranging from deep colours such as mahogany to the light wood tones of poplar and maple.  The panels can be finished in transparent lacquer or can be stained in any colour the client desires. The wooden panels can change appearance when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Beneficial features
Features of the wood ceiling include that the panels can be fixed to a proprietary metal suspension, fixings are concealed and panels are removable for access or replacement. Only the highest quality of wood is used and the panels are available with fire-retardant treatment for internal and external application.

Another added benefit is that the linear wood system can achieve various acoustic effects depending on the use of the space for which the ceiling is designed. An acoustical felt can be applied to the linear open system which closes the open joint between the panels and improves acoustic sound absorption. A plywood infill for panels in exterior installations will result in a higher level acoustic reflection. 

The maintenance of the system is also easy and simple – it only needs to be cleansed with water and a mild synthetic cleaning agent.

Unique visions become reality
Clients and architects are welcome to let their imagination run free and create the most remarkable, solid wood-ceiling designs with this linear wood system. After the architect formulates the design, Hunter Douglas can assist in bringing the vision to life with their technical support services.

Hunter Douglas SA is renowned for their continued introduction of innovative products in a choice of materials selected by the client. The company has transformed from an aluminium product base and now offers various metal, wood and textile options that are functional, environmentally suitable and provide modern and classic aesthetic solutions.

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