Profiling Performance

by Darren
Kuberit Jnl 4 15

A range of quality profiles are available to suit an array of unique needs.

Due to the expansive range of standard profiles and special flooring trims, Küberit products are a unique choice for specialised trade and flooring installers. Their TÜV safety-certified stair nosings and ramp profiles for commercial use play a crucial role in the above choices.

Below is a selection of their products along with their applications:
•    Stair nosing profiles 826, 828 and 830
Three new aluminium stair nosings were added to the “Küberit-Best” range. These profiles were developed for the installation of LVT floorings and are also available with countersunk drilled holes and a fluted edge to increase safety. Küberit also has four stair nosings in its range for different floorings and thicknesses.

•    Easily bendable profiles
These profiles are used for curved installations between different flooring types, such as carpets and resilient floors as well as ceramic tiles, parquet or laminate flooring. For this particular type of installation, Küberit added further, easily bendable profiles to its range.

•    Movement profile 317/317 G
It is advised to install movement profiles where a permanent joint movement is necessary. The company now also offers a new two-part movement profile 317 and 317 G for glued LVTs.

•    Skirting board, Deco Base-Board 927
With the development of its aluminium skirting board range, Deco Base-Board, Küberit set a new trend for lush, high-quality metallic finishes for flooring that will appeal to many architects and designers. It was specifically developed for floating LVTs measuring 5mm. Alternatively, the skirting can be used as interior corners for stairs.

All of the above results in quality installations that are simply beautiful and lasting!

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