Professional, deep cleaning for large surface areas

by Ofentse Sefolo
Professional, deep cleaning for large surface areas

If your client needs to clean large areas, then they will need to invest in the right equipment to do so. The TGB8572 from Numatic combines easy-to-use controls with professional cleaning to keep large floor areas in top condition.

With its 85l water capacity and 72cm cleaning width, facility managers and cleaning professionals will spend much less time emptying and refilling the cleaning equipment. Further enhancing the speed of the cleaning job is the dual brush design, which allows for increased pressure from the brushes to the floor. This design is ideal for areas that are subject to heavy traffic and require a deep clean.

The TGB8572 features a simple controls brush pressure selection, built in battery charging, easy fill and emptying facilities, with traction power drive which is essential if inclines or ramps are involved. The on-board charging system offers convenient and easy set up, so the operator can simply plug in the cleaning equipment and get started with the job at hand. The gel batteries offer up to 5 hours of runtime, with an 8 – 10 hour charge time. The machine also has a clear battery and hour meter so that operators know when it’s time to recharge.

Contact Numatic for more information about a cleaning system that provides deep cleaning when you need it: 0861 686 284 or via www.numatic.co.za

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