Creating products that invigorate wooden floors

by Tania Wannenburg
FloorworX Bona Jnl 2 14

Showcasing two products that protect and beautify wooden flooring.

Bona Craft Oil and Bona Create form part of a range of products within the Bona system which is distributed in South Africa by FloorworX. Bona and FloorworX teamed up more than 15 years ago, with Bona considered a strong brand by FloorworX.

Bona has been part of the flooring industry for more than 100 years and firmly believes that it knows the demands of professionals by heart.

Bona oil products consist of oil from pine trees which constitutes the base of all products in its oil range. As a result, Bona Oils are quick-drying and considered easy to use compared to oils from other bases. According to Bona, they wanted to produce oils that would care for the environment, while highlighting the wooden floor and its beauty.

Bona Craft Oil has a high saturation capability and protects against wear, chemicals and moisture. Due to its oil properties, it has almost no odour and significantly lowered VOCs, making it safe to work and live with. It is easy to apply and offers a low solvent content and is also a safe application on children’s toys and countertops.

Bona Create in turn is a new formula that brings a variety of modern and fresh colours to wooden floors with an intermixable colour palette. This product has long open time ensuring application is relaxed and the result is an even and beautiful colouration, making it easy to work with even on larger surfaces. Through this product, Bona Create offers an opportunity for creative freedom in changing the colour of new unfinished or old wooden floors sanded back to bare wood. It is also a low-solvent pigment system with less than 10% solvents for altering the colour of bare timber floors prior to treatment with finish or oil.

Other attributes of Bona Create include consistent colouration to ensure no overlay marks and it has a high coverage rate of 30-40 square metres/litre. It can be coated with both oil and finish and is cobalt-free.

Both products were developed not only to ensure lasting results on a floor, but also to have a positive impact on the environment. For these reasons, FloorworX is proud to be showcasing Bona Craft Oil and Bona Create, products that they believe will significantly benefit anyone that strives towards wooden flooring perfection, beauty and protection of the floor as well as our world.

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