Products tackle moisture challenges

by Tania Wannenburg
iTe products Jnl 3 16

Products that address moisture issues ensure a successful flooring installation.

Flooring manufacturers produce beautiful floor coverings which can add to the aesthetics of rooms, whether in homes, workplaces, or public buildings. Architects and interior designers pour their creativity into using these floors to enhance the overall effect of their work.

A poorly installed floor, or a floor installed on poor substrates, stands out for all the wrong reasons and can turn an attractive feature into an eyesore. This is why a fully integrated approach is needed so that all the elements that go into creating the perfect substrate and ensuring that a permanent, lasting floor is installed and used correctly.

As such, iTe Products has developed a range of product offerings that guarantees the preparation and installation of their flooring system – technically, aesthetically and practically.

Each product starts with a moisture problem solution – VAPORiTe moisture and vapour barrier – and continues to build up layer-by-layer with PATCHiTe, a rapid-setting patching compound; BONDiTe, a rapid-drying primer and bonding agent; self-levelling compounds with different hardness settings and film thicknesses under the LEVELiTe brand; and finally a range of flooring adhesives with unrivalled performance specifications, namely the GRIPiTe brand.

Extensive research and development, coupled with in-depth field trials guided by international technology and expertise, enables iTe Products to back their claims with warranties guaranteeing the performance of their products.

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