Pritzker Prize-winning architects design silk carpets

by Madelein
Pritzker Prize-winning architects design silk carpets

Two visionary architects, Toyo Ito and Rafael Moneo, designed silk carpets for the 20th Century & Contemporary Phillips Art Day Sale in London which was held in June 2019. The carpets each sold for over half a million rand ( Toyo Ito’s for R749 934,54  & Rafael Moneo’s for R639 109,87) The carpets were inspired by the Golden Ratio as part of a project by the auction house Phillips and ARTinD (Art in Design), a London-based cooperative that seeks to foster greater synergy between art, architecture and design.

A golden ratio is a mathematical proportion that has defined the criteria for harmony in art and architecture for many years.

Both the Pritzker Prize-winning architects presented their vision in the form of handmade silk carpets, with Toyo Ito drawing inspiration from the natural world and Rafael Moneo being inspired by both the description and illustrations of an extract “La Pratica della Perspettiva di Monsignor Daniel Barbaro”, the 16th century treatise on perspective by the architect, writer and patron of Andrea Palladio, Daniele Barbaro.

by Rafael Moneo

Phillips and ARTinD launched Golden Ratio project in 2018. Eight visionary architects were tapped to design hand-knotted silk rugs. Ben van Berkel, Peter Eisenman, Norman Foster, Sou Fujimoto, Thom Mayne, Alessandro Mendini, Piero and Nathalie Sartogo and Peter Zumthor presented the results of their endeavours that differed dramatically from Foster’s literal – albeit angular –interpretation to Fujimoto’s reductive approach to his subject matter.


by Toyo Ito

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.archdaily.com for some of the information in this article.

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