The application of butyl roofing tape, or lapseal as it is commonly known, has been proven to protect a roof from the harshest weather South Africa has to offer. Butyl tape is the most effective, long-lasting method for sealing IBR and corrugated sheeting.

If an existing roof has developed leaks, it is possible to lift the sheets and apply butyl lapseal between the sheets. If you would prefer not to lift the sheets, it is also possible to apply a wider strip along the gaps of the sheets. Butyl tapes are fully paintable with most painting methods. If you do not wish to paint the butyl lapseal, you will be pleased to know that it is 100% ultraviolet (UV) protected and will not degrade in the sun.

Butyl lapseal can be used for sealing fasteners, guttering and flashings. It has been well used in the sky-lighting and ventilation industries. Butyl tape is very highly regarded in the construction, glazing, ducting and low-cost housing industries.

Butyl lapseal is a dynamic product that has a multitude of benefits and uses. It will never harden or lose adhesion or flow out of joint.

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