Preventative maintenance of assets “makes financial sense”

by Ofentse Sefolo
Preventative maintenance of assets “makes financial sense”

Property owners should employ preventative maintenance programmes for their structural assets instead of resorting to tightfisted, short-term thinking when refurbishment can no longer be delayed, says Frederik Nel, MD of independent maintenance consultants, Curasure.

The company offers specialist maintenance consulting services to the property industry, particularly building owners, building managers, and administrators. “Even in economic downturns, the protective role of lifetime preventative maintenance measures holds financial rewards,” contends Nel, whose company is a member of the SA Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA).

He adds: “Regular and properly applied coatings not only provide a decorative and aesthetical value to properties, but also protect the building envelope against the elements which can cause weathering of painting, waterproofing, and plastering; concrete cancer – the rusting of steel reinforcements – as well as damage to expansion joints, and other building components that could affect the life expectancy of a building.”

Nel believes asset durability in SA is hampered by factors such as insufficient core competency levels and lack of planning by property-owners.

“There is an alarming shortage of skills in the construction industry. The economic crunch makes it tempting to engage inexperienced operators who charge fees low enough to already question their expertise. This is where collaboration with industry bodies such as SAPMA is vital to ensure that coatings and other protective maintenance projects are entrusted to professionals using quality products.

“The cost of the maintenance of a building does not have to be a huge burden to the asset owner. Professional consultants will ensure correct implementation of maintenance strategies and ensure substantial long-term savings,” Nel adds.

For further information, visit www.curasure.co.za.

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