The newly formulated Plascon Allseal is an easy to use and economical acrylic sealer designed for use with an external membrane to seal and bridge cracks and prevent leaks on roofs, cement plaster, concrete bagged walls and other exterior masonry surfaces. This waterproofing system includes a free polyester membrane which is used to bridge and stop leaks on parapets, flashings, roofs joints and laps, wall and chimney cappings, as well as, seal nail heads, putting the ALL in AllSeal.

Plascon AllSeal is specially formulated with a 5-year quality guarantee, and after extensive testing shows excellent water resistance, weather and UV resistance and high flexibility so that it allows for expansion and contraction in the harsh South African climates without cracking or flaking. This means that your exterior surfaces will be protected for longer, saving you time and money. The secret is in the thixotropic gel structure which means that the waterproofing coating applies easily and allows for a thicker film build, making it impervious to the elements. Plascon AllSeal also has a water-based formulation making it the responsible choice for the environment.

Plascon AllSeal will soon be available in a low sheen finish of eight of the most popular roofing colours in Africa.

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