Premier mall gets a revamp

by Darren
Matco revamp Jnl 1 15

Entrance matting that prevents dirt from entering a mall is crucial in ensuring the longevity of a commercial floor.

Over R900-million has been spent by Hyprop Investments towards the redevelopment and extension of the Rosebank Mall, regarded a premier shopping destination in Johannesburg. Matco was awarded the contract to supply the 120m² of Trio Scraper matting for the stylish Cradock Avenue revamp, Garden and parking entrances.

According to Matco, Trio Scraper was specified due to its reputation for being hard-wearing, and effective, which is in keeping with Hyprop Investment’s vision of a contemporary, fresh and uncluttered feel that incorporates current design trends.

Not only is the entrance matting attractive, but its unique design ensures that dirt remains trapped within the mat and ultimately prevents it from entering the building. This enhances the mall’s ability to maintain a clean building and save substantially on cleaning costs.

Of great significance is the fact that activities did not result in downtime, with the mall continuing operations throughout the construction process. Matco notes that this project required high safety standards and installation deadlines to be met in order to minimise the amount of disruption to consumers. Matco complied with these requirements by installing at hours that were not disruptive.

As a result of its performance, Matco achieved flooring excellence by demonstrating how its matting products would add to the eventual success of the Rosebank Mall’s redevelopment.

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