Precision measurements in concrete

by Tania Wannenburg
Precision measurements in Concrete BOSCH

Bosch’s D-tect 150 SV Professional is ideal for detecting objects, measuring exact distances between them and also provides depth indications of objects.

Designed for site managers and appraisers, Bosch’s D-tect 150 SV Professional wall scanner delivers reliable measurements, even under difficult conditions, such as wet concrete.

It is ideal for detecting objects that are very close to each other, like rebar or live wires, and for depth measurements. Using ultra-wideband radar technology and two additional sensors, the D-tect 150 SV Professional can identify rebar at depths of 6cm in concrete only a few days after being poured, increasing as the concrete dry to a maximum depth of 15cm.

Operating modes
•    The “Concrete Universal” mode is suited to detect rebar, metal and plastic pipes and live wires in thin walls to a depth of 8cm, preventing objects behind a wall from being displayed.
•    The “Wet Concrete” mode is designed for accurate detection in damp concrete to a depth of 6cm due to the damping of the radar signal.
•    The “Concrete Special” mode is meant for measuring depths of up to 15cm, detecting rebar, live wires, and metal and plastic pipes.

The scanner measures the exact depth of the object in centimetres, normally to the top edge of the object. Setting the “Ruler View”, the instrument will show the exact distance between two or more objects or the exact position of an object in centimetres.

Calibration of the D-tect 150 SV Professional takes place automatically when placed against the surface, making it always ready to use. It is also dust- and splash-protected to IP54, and remains fully functional in drop tests from a height of 1m.

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