Pre-blended, dual-purpose mix

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Pre blended dual purpose mix AFRISAM

AfriSam Dry Mortar has been specially engineered as a dual-purpose mix that can be used for both mortar and plaster work.

Apart from just saving time and money, AfriSam’s Dry Mortar solution offers contractors a range of other benefits. For example, using a pre-blended mortar mix will ensure optimum product integrity and subsequently quality construction on a project.

The main disadvantage of manually blending a mortar is that it is labour-intensive and time-consuming, and requires careful attention to ensure that the correct ratios of sand and cement are used. Incorrect blending or mixing will certainly affect the final product, and in the case of plaster will result in cracking.

AfriSam’s Class II mortar has been specially engineered as a dual-purpose mix that can be used for both mortar and plaster work. It will achieve a minimum strength of 5MPa at 28 days.

The ingredients
SANS 50197 compliant AfriSam All Purpose Cement was selected as this cement offers a spectrum of functional attributes that provide customers with guaranteed quality performance in concrete, mortar and plaster applications. This advanced composite cement contains milled clinker as well as advanced mineral components and additives, and is therefore the ideal component for the AfriSam Dry Mortar product.

Being produced in partnership with Stick a Tile, the AfriSam Dry Mortar solution is mixed at a bespoke plant in Meyerton. Sand, quarried on the site, is dried to the requisite level, and blended with AfriSam’s All Purpose Cement in a controlled environment to produce this quality mix.

The fully automated plant has a capacity of 400 ton per day, and batch printouts are produced to verify consistency and ensure optimum quality. Samples of the dry mortar product are taken at regular intervals and tested at AfriSam’s Centre of Product Excellence to ensure compliance with the required specifications.

The AfriSam Dry Mortar product is supplied in either 10 ton or 20 ton silos, offering optimum flexibility as customers can select the size required based on individual project requirements.

Tel: 011 670 5893
Website: www.afrisam.com

Caption: AfriSam’s Dry Mortar product can be delivered in 10 ton or 20 ton silos to meet customer and project requirements.

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