Practical, sustainable, beautiful – Plasterboards for residential interiors

by Darren
Practical sustainable beautiful Plasterboards for residential interiors MARLEY

Marley Building Systems inspires beautiful residential spaces with its Siniat Plasterboards.

Dedicated to provide Innovative, Sustainable and Complete building solutions, Marley Building Systems believes that ceiling & partitioning systems should be quick and easy to install, as well as practical and effective in meeting the necessary acoustic, thermal and fire insulation standards.

Following the acquisition of the South African Gypsum business of Lafarge in November 2015, Marley Building Systems now offers an enhanced range of product including the Siniat brand of plasterboards and associated systems.

Siniat plasterboard is designed for ceilings and partitioning in both residential and commercial buildings. It is simple to install, durable, recyclable, aesthetically pleasing and of excellent quality. It is used in a variety of building types including residential, hospitals, schools, offices and hotels.

Ceiling add-ons
Marley Building Systems’ range of ceilings products includes decorative mouldings, access panels and solutions for curved or vaulted ceilings.

Siniat plasterboards are made from an aerated gypsum core that is firmly bonded on both sides with a special plasterboard liner, rendering a smooth yet highly functional surface. The special characteristics of gypsum provide several advantages over other flat-sheet materials. The board is fabricated by a modern automated process, with quality control by highly experienced engineers and chemists.

Importantly, the range is SANS 266 certified, which guarantees clients that the products are manufactured in a controlled environment to meet minimum performance and quality requirements.

Green credentials
Listed on Ecospecifier, a leading global source for sustainable development and lifecycle-assessed green product information, Siniat plasterboard carries a level B Green tag certification. This range of standard and technical boards is highly beneficial to builders and other built environment professionals looking to comply with the SANS 204 energy-efficiency standard.

Specification options
Marley Building Systems’ Siniat plasterboard is produced in a number of standard lengths, widths and thicknesses, as well as with a variety of characteristics, depending on the intended use of the board.

The standard plasterboard range is available in 6,4mm, 12mm and 15mm thicknesses, whilst the fire-check and moisture-check boards are available in 12,5mm and 15mm thicknesses.

While the 6,4mm and 9mm plasterboard can both be curved into a desired unique bulkhead shape to a radius of 350mm, and 750mm respectively, Siniat prefabricated bulkheads also offer a simpler and speedier ready made option. Rather than building bulkheads on site, time and labour can be saved, and material wastage minimised, by getting a finished product that’s ready to install, delivered to site.

Marley Building Systems
Tel: 011 316 2121
Website: www.marleybuildingsystems.co.za

Siniat plasterboard:
–    Quick and easy to install.
–    Practical.
–    Durable.
–    Recyclable.
–    Eco-friendly.
–    Aesthetically pleasing.
–    Excellent quality.
–    Meets acoustic, thermal and fire insulation standards.

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