Practical packaging

by Zuerita
Practical packaging

Sika has rebranded its product labels and changed its packaging artwork to deliver a clear product message and simple orientation, which will make it easier for customers to identify which Sika product they need and what that product can deliver for them.
With the exception of the logo and the prominent use of Sika colours, the visibility of products has been improved with clearer lines and better reader orientation.

Easy identification
There are new label versions which are more suitable for different user groups. These include designations, descriptions of a product or the use of images. Sika has renewed pictures and drawings on the cartridges, boxes, bags and buckets. Now it will be easier to identify which application field the specific product is suitable for – be it professional specialists, retail trade, craftsmen or DIY users.

In addition, all Sika packaging is as recyclable as possible and the materials needed for some packaging are minimised. All paper packaging is certificated, plastics are recycled for other productions, and the steel and other metal sheets of barrels are re-used for production after use.

Same contents
Although the packaging has been modified, the contents inside were not. There are no changes to form, fit or function of any of these products. Sika assures that customers will receive the same quality they are accustomed to and emphasises that Sika solutions are designed with the customers’ success in mind and to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

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Sika’s new product labels and packaging make it easier for customers to identify what the product can deliver for them.

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