Powder coat finishes for décor trims

by Madelein
Powder coat finishes for décor trims

Powder coating is a popular finish for architectural products. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it also has good colour consistency between batches.

Blemishes and die lines are easily hidden thanks to the powdered coat that forms a skin on the surface of the material. It is harder than paint, which makes it more durable.

While this coating isn’t recommended for surfaces where there will be foot traffic, it is an excellent choice for walls and table tops. Exterior powder coat is used to give the structured finishes longevity. Any other colours requested will be in a smooth finish unless specifically specified as a structured finish.

The natural rustic colour range is available in the following profiles – Tile-in Corner beading (bird’s beak), Quadrant Edge and Square Edge. Other profiles have lead times and a minimum order requirements.

For more information, contact Kirk Marketing on +27 (11) 444 1441 or via www.kirk.co.za.

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