World-class meat processing facility – Uses polyurethane screeds

by Darren
vuka jnl713

When Bluff Meat Supply (BMS) set about planning their new meat processing facility they contacted Vuka Floors to assist in specifying and installing the correct flooring. As a manufacturer and applicator Vuka Floors offers sole responsibility to the client with no split guarantees or double mark-ups.

Having started in 1960 BMS have endured many frustrating years of battling with different flooring systems during their growth. Today BMS now confidently rely on the tried and tested Vukacrete HD system, a polyurethane screed from Vuka Floors.

This system is top of its class when it comes to providing a hygienic, hardwearing and chemical-resistant floor that is suitable in both wet and dry environments. It is food grade and incorporates antimicrobial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Vukacrete HD can also withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures when applied at 9mm thickness.

The newly completed BMS meat processing facility in Sea Cow Lake, Durban features state-of-the-art meat processing equipment. Vukacrete HD is installed throughout the 3 500m² facility including smoker rooms, process rooms, cooker rooms, polony rooms, hygiene rooms, spooling areas, chiller rooms, and trolley wash, peeling, deboxing, dispatch and receiving areas.

Vuka Floors installed Vukacrete HD using a screed box to ensure an accurate spread rate, consistent finish and rapid installation. Coved skirts were formed with Vukacrete WR, Vuka’s walling grade polyurethane, and crash kerbs coated with Vuka Coat 300 – a clear, solvent-free epoxy. All expansion and construction joints within the concrete were mirrored through the system and sealed with Vuka Flex joint sealant.

The project programme was demanding and Vuka Floors put in every effort to ensure the client received a world-class meat processing facility.

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