Polyurethane flooring system chosen

by Tania Wannenburg

Suitable flooring system required for Greef’s Butchery in Knysna.

When the owner of Greef’s Butchery in Knysna decided to upgrade the floors of the butchery’s work areas and cold rooms, he turned to Optima Coatings. The floors needed to be impermeable in order to meet the hygiene standards of the butchery while the aesthetics of the work area also needed to improve.

The desired floor had to be hardwearing and chemical-resistant with a non-slip finish. Following the initial assessment, the existing floors were tested to determine the quality and hardness of the concrete. Moisture tests were also performed to determine the moisture level in the concrete, which would indicate the type of primer needed.

A suitable flooring system was required for the two main work areas, where the processing, production and packaging of the meat takes place, and the two cold rooms where the finished product is stored.

The owner felt that the current floor was very uneven and damaged by the blood from the meat processing as well as by the chemicals they were using to ensure that the floor stays clean and hygienic. The floor also posed a health risk to staff as it was very slippery.

To address these concerns Optima Coatings’ Duratop 460 SL Polyurethane Flooring System was selected to achieve the required finish. This system includes OptiDegreaser – a water-based, alkaline, heavy-duty degreaser and general-purpose cleaner; Duratop DPM Primer – a primer that prevents osmotic pressure inside green, damp concrete and has excellent adhesion to damp concrete; Duratop 460SL – a multi-component, single-layer, seamless, self-levelling polyurethane mortar which is available in various standard colours.

The process to prepare the floor and the application of the Duratop 460 SL flooring system was as follows:

1.    Cleaning and degreasing the floor
All equipment was removed from the areas to be prepared. The entire floor area was scrubbed with OptiDegreaser and warm water to remove all oils, fat and contamination.  The floors were rinsed with clean water by a high-pressure hose. The excess water was removed with squeegees and left to dry. To assist the drying process, blast heaters were used. The concrete was then tested again to determine the moisture content which had to be below 10%.

2.    Substrate/Concrete Preparation
The floors were ground to expose the aggregate in the concrete. This was done by means of diamond grinders. The grinding of the floor also assisted with achieving a level surface.  After the grinding was complete, the entire floor area was vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner to ensure that there was no contamination on the surface.

3.    Primer Application
The Duratop DPM primer was mixed according to the supplied technical data sheet. The primer was then applied by means of a short mohair roller to the entire prepared surface and was left to cure for 12 hours.

4.    Application of Scraper Coat
A scraper coat of Duratop 460 SL was applied by steel trowel to the primed area. The reason for the application of a scraper coat is to eliminate all defects or unevenness in the floor. The scraper coat was left to cure until the following day (12 hours). The following day the scraper coat was lightly ground and vacuumed again.

5.    Application of the Duratop 460 SL
Each Duratop 460 SL kit is packed in four different parts. The liquid Part A and liquid Part B were poured into a clean, empty drum. The pigment paste, Part C, was added and mixed by a Festo Mixer for 45-60 seconds until a homogeneous colour was reached.  

The dry ingredients (the fourth part) were slowly added and mixed for a further 3-4 minutes. Effective mixing improves flow and extends working time. The mixed product was poured onto the floor and a notched trowel was used to spread the product evenly over the floor area. A sharp pointed spike roller was used to ensure that no air was trapped inside the applied product.  

The total working time from the start of the timer to completion of application is a maximum of 20-25 minutes – temperature-dependent. Care was taken that each application cycle ended at one of the expansion joints. Where more than one kit was required for a panel, the next kit was mixed within a 10-minute cycle time to ensure that no shore lines were visible.

This resulted in a successful flooring installation that addressed all the challenges faced by the client. The Optima Coatings self-levelling polyurethane flooring system is a durable, long-lasting and hardwearing flooring system which can be installed with minimum difficulty by a qualified and approved applicator.

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