Polished concrete offers flexible, creative solutions

by Darren
Concreate Jnl 6 15

A concrete flooring solution that gives you the look and feel of poured and polished concrete.

The use of unadorned natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete is being combined creatively with neutral colours to produce inspiring interior spaces. Design professionals who want a green, aesthetically pleasing and durable solution that perfectly mimics the sought-after look and feel of poured and polished concrete should consider Concreate.

Concreate is a lightweight, precast engineered flooring and wall cladding system that can give virtually any space the look of polished concrete. This sustainable concrete product is the only tongue-and-groove hybrid system for concrete and it will maintain the look and feel of polished concrete for many years to come.

The product is available in over four colour options, giving clients the flexibility they need to colour coordinate, mix and match Concreate flooring to walls, interior finishes or other design elements unique to the residential or commercial space. Polished concrete allows a flush transition from concrete to wood, making it the ideal solution for architects and designers who want to combine traditional materials with a new, modern twist. Starting with just organic base colours, designers are easily able to introduce either strong highlight colours for effect, or stay within a neutral colour palette.

Concreate is FEC (Friends of the Environment Center) certified and its fire resistance, water resistance, sound absorption and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels have all passed EU standards. No harmful or toxic chemicals are used during the manufacturing process and the product doesn’t support mould and mildew growth. It can furthermore contribute to a client’s green aspirations because it acts as a thermal mass, thereby reducing energy consumption of the building or space. Concreate is ideal for underfloor heating applications because the floors absorb and maintain ambient temperatures, storing the warmth and thus optimising the energy efficiency of the heating system.

Polished concrete is particularly suitable for areas where high volumes of foot traffic are expected. It is low maintenance compared to other flooring solutions and its sleek, clean lines are easy to clean. The non-slip surface offers an added health and safety benefit for commercial applications. Installers are advised to buff high-traffic areas with an extra coat of oil and take note of the fact that any damage can be easily fixed with the Concreate repair kit.

Concreate is a retrofit, very easy-to-use, decorative engineered wall and floor panel system that is sustainable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing and can be installed in virtually any interior space.

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