Traditional blue tiles are joining forces with earthy tones, exotic marbles and cement effects. 3D extruded pieces can be used to clad every corner of a swimming pool. The same material can be used to clad the basin, the coping, the terraces and the interior of the house for complete homogeneity.

With the heat setting in, swimming pools are our best spaces and some can even transport us to parallel worlds. APE Grupo adorns swimming pools and their depths with ceramic pieces designed for this summer. Overlooking the sea, in a garden, next to a skyscraper, in a house… Swimming pools are social spaces where you can enjoy and disconnect.

However, you first have to take into account that they are very special spaces in homes and public places and, due to their permanent contact with water and outdoor installation, they must be looked after in every respect.

As a result, the choice of materials is essential to guarantee long-term solutions, from an aesthetic and performance point of view, and ceramic products are the best material to guarantee these properties.

Traditional blue tiles combined with earthy and greenish tones

When it comes to trends, APE Grupo’s team of designers proposes countless formats, colours and finishes to clad swimming pools and the areas surrounding them. The traditional warm and light blue and turquoise tiles are now joined by alternative options such as earthy, greenish and darker shades. Some pieces reproduce wood, exotic stones and marble, while some reproduce cement and others have iridescent effects.

Changing colours depending on the position of the sun

The colour we perceive in a swimming pool varies depending on the position of the light on the water, the time of day and the movement of small waves. For example, white tones, such as white ceramic marble, acquire a deep Caribbean blue that gives them a fresh, tropical look.

By contrast, deep brown and earthy tones will take on a greenish effect. Light beiges, typical of natural ceramic stone, can help create turquoise tones. And greys, being neutral, provide a deep, dark blue tone.

Thanks to APE Grupo’s swimming pool proposals, a global and coherent design can be applied using the same material to clad the inside of the swimming pool, the coping, the surrounding social area, the terraces, the gardens and even the inside of the home.

Infinity pools for visual continuity

Infinity pools are a popular alternative nowadays and they are here to stay. These overflow pools offer a highly attractive visual continuity, as the water is at the same level as the upper part of the beach. The water flows over the edge of the pool, resulting in a surprising aesthetic and a unique visual effect.

3D extruded ceramics can adapt to any space

The use of high-performance extruded ceramics makes it possible to design the whole swimming pool with ceramics, adapting perfectly to all the shapes required for the design of the space. Angles, corners, edges, trimmings, gutters and steps, among others, are all necessary for a swimming pool. They are all three-dimensional pieces that can only be found in extruded ceramics.

Taking into account the performance of the materials used in swimming pools, it is extremely important to select a material that is resistant to water and humidity. Porcelain and extruded ceramic tiles for swimming pools have low porosity and are 100% water-resistant, preventing bacteria and other microorganisms from attaching to the surface.

It is also a quick and easy to clean product that guarantees simple maintenance and is resistant to chemical agents, components that are commonly used to clean swimming pools on a daily basis.

It is very important to take safety into account. APE Grupo’s ceramics undergo anti-slip treatments, offering an additional guarantee in a space where people walk barefoot and where there is a risk of falling. All our flooring for terraces, swimming pools and coping are designed to prevent slipping thanks to the C3 anti-slip property, suitable for outdoor use in accordance with the applicable regulations. It is also worth noting the stability of ceramics, an important aspect given that swimming pools are in areas exposed to the sun and temperature changes throughout the year. Despite the passage of time, the colours of ceramic wall and floor tiles remain unchanged.

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