Plastic: The material of the modern world

by Ofentse Sefolo
Plastic: The material of the modern world

The London Design Fair has shone a light on plastic as the 2018 Material of the Year, focusing on the design industry’s efforts to repurpose plastic in inventive and useful ways. Four exhibitors from across the globe, who are treating plastic waste as a virgin material and creating new designs imbued with meaning, value and desirability, demonstrated their approaches at the Fair.
Working with PVC plastic piping, Tokyo-based product designer, Kodai Iwamoto, has created a range of tubular vases, transforming the material into a set of desirable objects. Similar to glass-blowing techniques, the pipe is heated and softened to improve flexibility and expands into a mould via the application of air pressure.
(Main image) Courtesy of Kodai Iwamoto, v2com

Brighton-based Weez & Merl design around the concept of a circular economy, crafting plastic designs from local waste materials. Challenging today’s throwaway culture, the duo melt plastic bags and packaging to make a choice selection of objects. The process includes a distinctive marbling effect, achieved by adding coloured plastic bags to melted plastic.
Courtesy of Weez & Merl, v2com

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