Plascon Combats Indoor Pollution with Brand-New Air Purifying Technology

by Zuerita
Plascon Combats Indoor Pollution with Brand-New Air Purifying Technology

In 2020, Plascon will change the way that consumers experience paint. Plascon’s premium interior paint, Double Velvet, has been a household name for many years and now, the leading coatings company has reinvented its iconic product – making it more than just a paint. A first for South Africa, the next generation Plascon Double Velvet Pure drastically improves indoor air quality by incorporating new air purifying technology to reduce harmful formaldehyde.
Plascon Double Velvet has held the title of ‘South Africa’s preferred indoor paint’ for many years and now, thanks to innovative engineering, this industry-leading product will offer customers even more benefits. Plascon has taken things one step further by adding pioneering formaldehyde abatement technology to Plascon Double Velvet Pure – the first on the South African market!

Formaldehyde is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) that is used as a binding agent in many composite building materials like chipboard, textiles and furniture, as well as several other household products such as cosmetics, detergents and pesticides. These items are most commonly found in home and office settings where people spend 90% of their time. Formaldehyde is released into the air from these household sources and, although it is not the only culprit, it is one of the major contributors to making indoor air five times more polluted than the air outside.

The formaldehyde abatement technology present in Plascon Double Velvet Pure absorbs formaldehyde particles emitted from fabrics, woods, building materials and furniture in the surrounding environment and by reacting with specific compounds present in the paint, irreversibly converts the formaldehyde compound into harmless water vapour that is safe for breathing.

The reengineered premium product will retain all of its quality, strength and elegance as well as its existing technologies such as the Stain BarrierTM, Silver ProtectTM and BreatheasyTM. Plascon Double Velvet Pure’s unique Stain BarrierTM forms a multilayered protective coating that prevents dirt from penetrating the coating. The BreatheasyTM Technology contains zero VOCs, allowing the product to be virtually odourless and making it ideal for enclosed interior spaces. No emission VOCs mean cleaner, more breathable air. Plascon Double Velvet Pure is highly stain-resistant as it is reinforced with Silver ProtectTM Technology, offering users a luxurious finish that is easy to maintain. This technology also inhibits mould and bacterial growth.

The reinvented Plascon Double Velvet Pure is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to put the wellness of their loved ones first whilst experiencing the premium, luxurious quality for which Plascon Double Velvet has always been known.

For more information visit www.plascon.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Formaldehyde Abatement (Double Velvet Pure)

1. What is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is a colourless, flammable, strong-smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many household products.

2. Is formaldehyde harmful?
When formaldehyde is present in the air at levels exceeding 0.1 ppm, some individuals may experience adverse effects such as watery eyes; burning sensations in the eyes, nose, & throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea and skin irritation. Effects may vary from person to person based on their sensitivity and level of exposure.

3. How does Plascon Double Velvet Pure remove formaldehyde from the air?
Plascon Double Velvet Pure absorbs harmful formaldehyde molecules through its porous surface. Once the molecules have been taken in, a chemical reaction takes place, which permanently and irreversibly transforms the formaldehyde releasing harmless water vapour molecules that are safe for breathing.

4. Where does formaldehyde come from?
It is used in pressed-wood products; glues and adhesives; permanent-press fabrics; paper product coatings and certain insulation materials. In addition, formaldehyde is commonly used as an industrial fungicide, germicide and disinfectant, and as a preservative in mortuaries and medical laboratories. Formaldehyde also occurs naturally in the environment – produced in small amounts by most living organisms as part of normal metabolic processes.

5. Is Plascon Double Velvet Pure more expensive than Plascon Double Velvet?
No, traditional Double Velvet is now Double Velvet Pure, so it is still the same Double Velvet product, with the same pricing, now with an added technology for the benefit of the consumer.

6. Can I paint Plascon Double Velvet Pure over any other paint that is not formaldehyde abating?
Yes, other coatings absorb formaldehyde from sources in the home and this is then released into the air. If Plascon Double Velvet Pure is used over an existing coating it will continue to absorb and transform formaldehyde as it does with any other source. Prepare the surface as per instructions on the back of the pack or data sheet (fill holes and cracks, remove fibres etc.) and paint Plascon Double Velvet Pure as normal.

7. Will Plascon Double Velvet Pure still retain all of the known features and benefits with the new abating formulation?
Plascon Double Velvet Pure will still retain all of the quality, strength and elegance it is known for. All of the existing technologies such as the Stain BarrierTM, Silver ProtectTM, BreatheasyTM are still there, now with the added Air Purifying Technology. It will still have the same washability, durability and velvet sheen finish that consumers have come to know and trust.

8. Can I paint Plascon Double Velvet Pure on exterior walls too?
No. Plascon Double Velvet Pure is an interior-only paint as it has been specially designed to coat interior walls.

9. Does Plascon Double Velvet Pure have a guarantee?
There is a 15-year guarantee on Plascon Double Velvet Pure.

10. Is Plascon Double Velvet Pure easy to clean?
Plascon Double Velvet Pure still contains a unique Stain BarrierTM forming a multi layered protective coating that prevents dirt from penetrating the coating. It also contains Silver ProtectTM making it ultra-washable, keeping your walls cleaner for longer even in damp and humid areas.

For more information visit www.plascon.co.za.

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