Main image: Panels/Partitions/Screens/Space Dividers: The Gold Award went to Cooee Mobile Walls (FUNC).

Several pioneering new solutions and services were on display throughout the show, illustrating NeoCon and The Mart’s continued role as critical partner in the business strategies of leading companies.

Acoustic Solutions: Turf Hues – Turf Design

The following companies received recognition with various awards honouring outstanding new products in 54 product categories:

Acoustics & Privacy:

  • Acoustic Solutions: The Silver Award went to Turf Hues (Turf Design). Turf has launched a robust new palette of 32 colours exclusive to its 9mm products: Turf Hues. Turf Hues explores how colour and sound work together to contribute to the sense of wellbeing in commercial spaces of all kinds. This palette gives architects and designers the tools they need to build inspiring spaces.
  • Panels/Partitions/Screens/Space Dividers: The Gold Award went to Cooee Mobile Walls (FUNC). Bringing people together is at the heart of Cooee’s design. The idea is to create spaces that encourage people back to the office. Cooee Mobile Walls provide a fun and function addition to open spaces by creating dynamic workspaces that foster collaboration and creativity. Ten differently configured walls provide visual separation, deliver superior sound absorption and reduce sound transmission.
  • Work Pod: Microoffice Realm (SilentLab) won the Gold Award for their Work Pod. This is the perfect choice to combine true silence with active teamwork. Interior and sound design have a dramatic effect on office productivity with great attention to fresh air. The ventilation and lighting systems keep the brain focused and creative. Only premium materials are used – solid Czech oak, top-notch stainless steel, acoustic wool, etc.
Work Pod: Microoffice Realm – SilentLab
Area Rugs – West Elm and Shaw Contract collaboration


  • Carpet: Area Rugs – The gold Award went to West Elm + Shaw Contract (Shaw Contract). The aesthetics of residential flooring combined with the performance attributes of commercial carpets was achieved by the West Elm and Shaw Contract collaboration. Coordinating rugs and carpet tiles offer a range of textures that simulate the look and feel of handwoven rugs, while maintaining the performance necessary for commercial applications. This allows commercial spaces to create a residential feel through colour, texture and feel.

  • Carpet: Broadloom – Painted Perspectives (Mohawk Group) were the winners of two awards, the Gold and Sustainability Awards. This collection expresses the inclusive power of art and its ability to create communities with its soft surface collection.
Carpets – Broadloom: Painted Perspectives (Mohawk Group)
Carpets – Modular: Social Canvas – Mohawk Group
Hard surface flooring Vinyl/LVT: Pattern of Time – Mohawk Group
  • Carpet: Modular – The Gold and Sustainability Awards were won by Social Canvas (Mohawk Group). Mohawk Group’s Social Canvas modular carpet collection speaks to the triumph of the human spirit. This collection is a result of a collaboration with ArtLifting, an organisation which champions artists who are impacted by housing insecurity or disabilities. It provides a platform and creates opportunities for underrepresented artists to participate in the contemporary art market.
  • Hard surface flooring Vinyl/LVT: The gold Award went to Pattern of Time (Mohawk Group). The concept behind Pattern of Time is to create an artist’s studio where the creation goes beyond the canvas and affects the space itself with drips and sprays of paint lingering behind. Combining the comfort and tradition of a wood grain floor with unique sprays of colour brings a sense of individuality to any commercial space.
  • Speciality Flooring: Open Range (Mannington Commercial) won the Gold Award. This hard-working rubber plank flooring collection is designed to offer a brand-new look to the product category. The inherent benefits that come from a rubber product include enhanced performance, comfort, safety (slip-resistant), easy maintenance, acoustics, scratch resistance, and resist indentation and cracking due to low clay and high pigment content. Open Range is an ideal flooring solution for commercial interiors ranging from healthcare and education to office and retail.
Speciality Flooring: Open Range rubber plank flooring collection – Mannington Commercial


  • Flooring: Innate (Shaw Contract) won the Silver and Sustainability Awards. The patient’s well-being is the priority. Innate removes the sterile, harsh look of traditional flooring and replaces it with beautiful, modern flooring to create a calming space. This PVC-free resilient flooring is inspired by the inherent durable properties of nature and establishes a low embodied carbon footprint.
Flooring: Innate – Shaw Contract
Architectural Products: Touchless Toilet Cubicle (Stall) – Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc

Interior Products & Solutions:

  • Architectural Products: Touchless Toilet Cubicle (Stall) (Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc) won the Silver Award. This cubicle is operated by a sensor. By placing a hand close to the external sensor, the user can enter the cubicle without touching anything. Inside the door can be closed and locked with the internal sensor.
  • Demountable Walls: Metwall Architectural Walls (Metwall) won the Silver Award. This innovative system allows you to work and plan better in your workspace, giving you maximum flexibility for creativity, communication and personal style with the latest aesthetics. Metwall is a highly engineered flexible demountable wall with an innovative clip-on system allowing easy access to the interior and fast reconfiguration.
Demountable Walls: Metwall Architectural Walls (Metwall)
  • Surfacing Materials & Finishes: Film Studio (Skyline Design) won the Gold and Sustainability Awards. It isavailable in an eco-friendly, decorative film by award-winning artists, designers, photographers and architects. The PVC-free, non-woven, polyester films can be temporary or permanent. The result is a durable, easy-to-clean, fingerprint and stain-resistant finish on glass.
Surfacing Materials & Finishes: Film Studio – Skyline Design
Wall Treatments: Woven Silica – Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering
  • Wall Treatments: Woven Silica (Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering) won the Innovation and Sustainability Awards. This collection captures the essence of a woven textile with the look of fine linen. Woven Silica is a PVC-free wallcovering derived from silica sand and a bio-based coating that absorbs, captures and removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the air permanently, ensuring VOCs will never be released back into the air. This innovative, natural product reduces environmental impact, is breathable without perforation and is highly durable.

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